Monday, December 23, 2013

Day 3 + Of God and Nothing of comfort! Is time to abandon your best friend!

Are you ready to know who that is?

She has made many people make less from what they can do!

The laziness

Observe what the Word of God warns to those who have the sticky friend:
“Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise: Which having no guide, overseer, or ruler, Provideth her meat in the summer, and gathereth her food in the harvest. How long wilt thou sleep, O sluggard? When wilt thou arise out of thy sleep? Yet a little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to sleep: So shall thy poverty come as one that travelled, and thy want as an armed man.” Proverbs 6. 6-11.

How to change that? Where do you get the strength to face the monster (the sticky friend)?

 The laziness makes people to lose their healthy and spiritual life, the people starts getting slow, convince that they are never going to be capable to unleash so many knots, it is wrapped in the life of the people like a spider that weaves threads and yarns around something to eat it later, until the spider has laziness, BELIEVE ME!

Is like that; if you look around and see many things to be transform, you feel incapable to change all this in your life with God, IS A SIGN THAT THE SPIDER HAS’NT BEING SWALLOWED UP! Oops, wake up before that spider comes to eat you!

You need to CHANGE THE BELIEFS THAT YOU HAD BEFORE. Could be that you are really lazy? From where does that idea come? How come you ended up believing you are like that?

Well, to change that belief, you don’t to organize from today to tomorrow all your life, believe me! What you need in your life are new references that say YES YOU ARE CAPABLE!

Today you are going to make all the things you want to change in your life if didn’t have the sticky friend-laziness! Write all, without fear and put in the comments; after choose one of those things, just one. And it doesn’t have to be the most difficult! In other words, choose a challenge THAT YOU ARE WILLING TO PERFORM. This is important! What you decide to make is something that you are capable to do. Make a deadline. Leave the other for later and concentrate in the first change; like if it is the only thing you have to do.

Come here again where we are going to have a compromise that we are going to start doing, it will be our priority.

Remember that every time that you accomplish something from your list, that sticky monster is going to receive  a small stab, something inside of you is going to say: “ Look, I promised and I WAS ABLE TO FULFILL! I’m not so lazy like before! This feeling makes you continue with new challenges. Attention! If you hear a voice smelling like chocolate, don’t disturb yourself, does the laziness want your attention. Keep what you conquered (it won’t work if you continue having a messy life) and plot another aim.

The laziness can only be overcome like that, step by step, as someone focusing to walk on a rope, with concentration and without leisurely. Is a secure movement and with a constant free direction to be who you really are. Take away that sticky friend and have the reason as your new ally, to have + of God.

You will not let the monster continue wrapping you, are you?

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Day 2 + Of God and Nothing of comfort! Prepare yourself! You have a sticky friend!

A lot people have had a friend that brought them to the wrong path, and worst of all is that they don’t notice. That friend is very sticky and disgusting and maybe she is stick to you, stopping you from making a different move, causing problems in your life!

This sticky has done that is delivered and this according to "leave to one side", having to deal later with the inevitable guilt of having betrayed yourself.

If you are one of those people that have everything for later, to the last minute and you feel that you have to finish something but you can’t, look to the sly back and see if you don’t have a sticky rubber and dirty on your feet? The greater the delivery for that friend sticky, more will tied up in life!

This friend has magic powers able to disturb everyone. It has the power to make your responsibilities stuck, and that the disorder grows around you and it neutralizes your faith. The decisions of life are being proposed, the opportunities (so precious to have + of God) end up to be dissipated and after a time you lose capacity to believe that you can change the messy panorama around you.

Therefore, you feel more and more away from everything you need to be transformed and first of all to the things of God and one more time you allow your sticky friend convinces you to start tomorrow or maybe on Monday or in her favorite day!

Oh, I forgot to tell! This friend has 12 smelling feet like hot chocolate, counts as the softy of a blanket in a cold day, it dress-up like the arm of a lovely family member, whisper to your ear magic solutions that doesn’t require too much effort. Oh I would like to have those superpowers! Ha-ha. You don’t?

Do you know who that is?

Leave it in the comment below that do you think is and come again tomorrow to check it out…

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Day 1 + of God and NOTHING of comfort! Waking her up!

"Women carefree rise up and listen! Daughters, who feel so complacent, pay attention to what I have to say! You feel so confident, in little more than a year will tremble; because the harvest will fail, and it will not come harvest. Women carefree, smite! You feel so complacent, please to tremble! Strip off; briers yes please clothes of mourning." Isaiah 39: 9-11

When God calls our attention with a strong word, is not to condemn us but to warn us, because in this verse we see that God is giving us an order saying: Wake up women who are carefree and listen to my voice.

How come? Were they physically lain down? No! They were spiritually lain down; they were trusting in their salvation, but at the same time they were lying to their selves.

God give us time to react and change our behaving, for our own good! The comfort has taken us to be far away from God, distracted with worldly things, I’m going to give a few examples:

Soap operas, laziness or desire in not being attach to a spiritual purpose, gossip, bad eyes, bad thoughts, being unfaithful in the vows and compromises with God, backbiting, rancor, bad behaving, worldly attitudes, jealously, envy, using inappropriate and provocative clothes; well there are so much things that  put sad the Holy Spirit.

Let’s put a finish to it!

When I was an assistant I received another assistant to stay at my house for a few days, I noticed that she watched a soap opera in the evening meeting, I remembered that I put my uniform on and she was still in the couch, completed into the soap opera, I asked her: “You are not going to church? You are not going to change?”

She responded: “No, I’m staying.”
I went to the church and when I came back, she was already sleeping. How sad seeing someone losing too much time!
It was night of liberation, there were so many people who needed help, and how can a person get to this level?

She was a person tied, nothing worked for her! She never stayed at a job, she never had a place to live, she was always moving, from house to house, and she wasn’t organized, her room was a disaster and her dirty clothes were a lot, she loved sleeping late, and she would always think about her love life. Now she is in the world, alone, with her life tied, with a sad face, getting old. But the root of it is that she didn’t have an active spiritual life.

I learned the following: if you don’t overcome the spiritual world, you are not going to overcome the physical world, everything you overcome in the spiritual world. That’s the reason why so many women inside of church are frustrate, because they are waiting that everything would come free and by magic; and that is never going to happen, you can sit and wait because God doesn’t make magic!

Do you want a change? Fight! Because who is in the fight is there to win! Who fights never thinks to give up, is going for all or nothing, doesn’t accept to lose, being humillated by the world. We are going to prepare a burlap (sackcloth) and we are going to humble ourselves all week, we are going to follow the Holy Orentation; but is to humble yourself, because it won’t make sense to put on the sackcloth and stay quite thinking in other things, thinking about giving up. Let’s hate our spiritual situation, we are going to be with you, we are in the same fight! And your victory is going to be ours.

In the midnight we are going to put on the sackcloth and we are going to humble ourselves during this purpose, let’s do it for 2 times a week, let’s separate Monday and Tuesday, to be humble and to call the attetion of our God.

Fabiane Cunha

Sunday, December 15, 2013

+ Of God and nothing of comfort!

We have received emails and have talked to people that has a lot of time in church, but are empty…. People, who have a lot of responsibilities, talk very well about Jesus by what they hear, but they don’t have any of God’s inside of them. People who does everything right, they are responsible, good people, who have a huge faith but at the same they are mix with a lot of doubts and evil thoughts; They are people who are hanging by a thread and let themselves be carried away by what they see, hear and talk about.

They have faith to be the best at what they are doing, but they don’t have faith to protect the most valuable treasure which is the Salvation, they can’t see it as the most important thing in their lives; the victorious are the ones who can remain and don’t save all the world and loses their salvation.

This month we are going to still be working to have + of God, we are not going to accept to be in the church depending in the faith of others, we are not going to accept be on top of the wall; ENOUGH! Is the moment to get out of the spiritual comfort zone! Is time to wake up from that routine that hasn’t take you to have the most precious thing which is the New Birth, your life with God, this routine has just pleased your will, Isn’t?

Is time to concentrate in what really matters, if you are tired to be the same as others, going in and out from church and nothing happens, year through year the same way, you can’t finish  anything in your life; is time for you to change your routine, making things the other way! Change to the opposite direction!

This purpose is not for everyone; make these questions and have the feet on the ground in the time to answer so this purpose is not just another purpose that would not bring results:

Are you already really tired of suffering? OR have you been able to manage and live with the problems and your will?

Are you willing to break your routine and habits that you only have done your will and not the will of God?

Have you been considered in truth that your priority in life is the new birth? Having + of God inside you?

Your answers to these questions will be the response if this purpose is truly for you or not; it really is, you will not be the same!

If you are willing to have + God, here are the instructions:

Talk to God and expose everything that has distanced you from Him. After, leave the comments of your spiritual routine, do not be shy! Break the habit of showing something that you are not!
Look for a partner to make this purpose with you. Invite her to help you and you will help her, please leave your name and hers here.

Come back here on Tuesday ;-)

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Second Training Session: The real intention behind social networks…

One day I met a young assistant that had a Facebook page, and I was shocked, let me explain why…

I received a friend request of an assistant and I saw a picture of her in the past that she had been tagged in, and when I saw I realized it was another assistant, only that her name was different on her Facebook page, she had a different last name, the one she was known by the world before knowing Jesus and becoming an assistant, lol, it was a last name that had a vulgar meaning.

I went on her page and she had pictures of her past in bathing suits, pictures showing her cleavage, pictures that were quite vulgar, pictures that were left to be viewed by anyone; those pictures didn't even show Jesus even by a far distance!

She would always post photos showing her face and parts and cleavage, with her belly showing, and I asked, why? Why does a woman have to expose her body on the internet? What is she really trying to show people? What is she looking for? I called her to speak but all she changed was the name on the profile and the photos continued the same way as before. 

I realized that the world was inside of her and that's why it was necessary to expose her self, to call attention, but at what price?

You need to think:

When people see you… what is the first impression they get? Perhaps, they'll be able to find Jesus? Can it be that they can see the light of Jesus in you?

What do you pass to people when you post a picture on your profile?

What's the purpose when you place a picture so other people can see? 

When we are of God we don't care about calling attention to our body parts, that's what matters lease, we are not a piece of meat but a light in this world!

If you want + of God… you'll analyze your picture and if you have sensual pictures that are exposing, you'll delete them, after all, you now have a light to show, you don't need to use the weapons of this world to call people's attention, you no longer need that! Now what you want is + of God and - of the world. 

Fabiane Cunha

Saturday, October 19, 2013

First Training Session: Knowing the area and cleaning it

What is it and what's the point of a social network? 

For the world: it's a way to know different people, know new friends and even getting into a relationship with those people, for others it's their world! They can be who ever they want virtually, be what they can't be personally. Social networks are so active in a persons life that they appear to even have two lives, one virtually, where they create their families virtually (husband, wife, friends, family, etc) and even manage to maintain their family in real life (where in reality they're not satisfied.) The more popular they are on social networks, the more fulfilled and happier they feel but it's only temporary and not real.

For the children of God: it's a way of not losing touch with those that helped us on our spiritual journey of faith, and to help each other out, keeping in touch no matter the distance. It's also a way to keep in touch with family and friends that live far away who need to know about Jesus. 

Social networks can be greatly used after the moment we realize that our life with God comes in first place. And if your life with God comes in first place, only people that'll add to your spiritual life will be on your social networks, right? Unfortunately this has not happened in a lot of profiles of those who call themselves Christian, they want to have this double-life people in the world have… their friends lists usually have: ex-boyfriends, ex-friends of the world, people who only post things with curse words, people who only talk about sex, who slept with a lot of people at parities etc. This is the worst! Sometimes you keep people because you have this idea, "Oh, but I want to win souls for Jesus!" But HAVE you won them? Or has the opposite happened? I'll go even farther… There are some people who have two profiles, one of a Godly person and another of the world! What for? Why deceive ourselves? 

During the purpose of the Fast of Daniel we have received + of God inside of us and that is priceless! For many it was really difficult to achieve. And we also know that many end up losing this due to their profile friends who want nothing to do with God. Perhaps you say, "Mrs. Gracy, it's not that bad! They're just there, I don't even talk to them…." But just the fact of them being there, by posting your statuses, you'll also be up to date on what's going on in their life… How will it add to your life? Friend, get your self out of this trap!

Today you'll decide on your social networks, make a prayer, ask God for direction and don't act by emotion, right after, remove all the people whom you do not know, all those who made up part of your past one day who don't bring back good memories, ex boyfriends, ex-everything. Also, if you have two profiles, one of a Christian and one for the world, remove it! Have your faith defined! Of course, only if you want to keep having + of God. Make a cleaning in your contacts list with no emotion and definitely by faith! Have zeal regarding your relationship with God and afterwards comment here the amount of people you removed, it'll be proof of this task.

If you want to keep having + of God it's necessary to empty yourself of the world! I want to see who'll be courageous… If you're not, forgive me but you're not ready for this training… If you are, do what you have to do and come back to this blog on the 21st .

Friday, October 18, 2013

Next Purpose: + of God - of the world

Fabiane and I were speaking about your comments, experiences with the purpose + of God - of me. We are really happy to see so many people that had and are having a marvelous experience with God, many people learned that during the time of difficulties and struggles it is necessary to look for strength in God, have courage to resist things and positions to have more of God, this is priceless! 

And that's the reason why we won't stop! We'll be working every week here on the blog for those who want this once more, and sincerely I have no idea what we'll do, lol, but I have an assurance that God will show. 

Fabiane and I feel like trainers, lol, that  train, teaching athletes to overcome (to score a goal), and that's what we want, for you to conquer the world! That you overcome the difficulties and be independent, only depending on God. 

So, shall we begin?

We'll be teaching how to keep your self a child of God in this world, how to take Jesus to people, and at the same time not to lose yourself. Each week we'll teach things we already do and that keep us firm and strong, maintaining a balance, to not lose what we've earned, + of God. 

The first week will be from the 19th to 31st of October and there will be new posts every other day. As in every purpose, we need to be sincere and make sacrifices, so, this is the beginning. 

Write on this post what makes you distance yourself from God on Facebook and social networks... with details!

And afterwards, share this picture on your social networks, leading others to also have the same chance to participate of this purpose.

Come back here on the 19th of October and we'll begin to train you. 

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Day 13 + of God – of me: Bad eyes, taking it personal

When I arrived to church there was an assistant that would worry for me, every time that I would talk to someone, or that I was mad at someone, she would always say: “Let’s pray,” or would change the subject and would put a lot flyers from church on my hands and would say: “Let’s evangelize,” with a smile on her face. She would do this all the time! I would talk about someone, she listened to me and would say the same words and then she would call me to get busy with something.

Then I started to see her with bad eyes and to feel hate against her, but she was taking care of my soul and she would not feed what was wrong within, she didn’t criticize me, nor judged me, but this attitude would frustrate me.  One day I told her about what I thought about it, she answered me: “When you are experiencing problems with regard to this, we need to give more to God, so you do not have this in your head, so as not to fall into your heart and then get stuck with bad eyes.”

She was wise, I never saw her making any negative comment about anyone; she was always willing to help in the right way.
“O generation of vipers, how can ye, being evil, speak good things? For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.” Mathew 12:34.

She could see that I was being guided by my heart and emotions, that I would end up bad and that I needed help and wisely she helped me.

“For from within, out of the heart of men, proceed evil thoughts, adulteries, fornications, murders,” Mark 07:21.

That assistant is a woman of God until today, she continues doing the Work of God in the youth group, after so many years she continues being the same, it seems like time doesn’t pass on her.

When our eyes are good everything seems different.

“The light of the body is the eye: therefore when thin eye is single, thy whole body also is full of light; but when thin eye is evil, thy body also is full of darkness.” Luke 11: 34.

From today you will monitor your eyes, the way you view things, you are going to find see the good in people and if someone comes and wants to contaminate your heart you are going to change the topic, or you are going to alert the person, or you will do what the assistant did, go away from it and undermine the light of God in you!

Because if you listen and do nothing, it will be equal to the person and instead of helping her, you end chronicled to you.
And if she is called the attention for something she did wrong, it will be grateful, because it is God who wants to rid herself of that follow taking misconduct.

“Herein is my Father glorified, that ye bear much fruit; so shall ye be my disciples.” John 15:08.

Note: Don’t forget the 7-hour fast, if you forgot the purpose click here.

Fabiane Cunha.

+ of God – of me: I hoped that God would do what I should do!

Hello Mrs. Graciele, I’m here to tell my testimony.

After I sent you an email, passing days I took a decision that changed everything! I also did it because I saw a transformation opportunity, I baptized in the waters and I put everything in the past, my feelings, my mistakes, everything is in my past forever.

Do you know what? It was so long that the Word of God had taken effect within me, the understanding, direction, I got involved with it. The song… Ah, before I was despised and with dust. Ms. It is so good to sing songs of faith, those of the start of the church singing with all his heart, what a joy in the soul.

Do you know when you seek for Him with all your heart and deep inside you have the certain, the joy, the peace and the direction giving by Him? The problems exist, but I have changed with the relationship of my faith, I was waiting for God to do the things I should do. My bible is super cute. 

In the work it seems that I have placed the clothing of war for the first time, my mind is clear more each day. I have learned so much, I have grown so much, both with God, and from what I've won, would never be pulled, on the contrary, I want others to have this within themselves.

I’m preparing for the next Fast of Daniel, because I’m not satisfied, I want + of God – of me forever.

May God bless you much more. Kisses.

Jéfica Lopes- Volta Redonda-RJ

Day 12 + of God – of me: Recognize your bad behavior!

Do you enjoy being with a hypocrite person? Of course not, me neither!

And when you tell everyone you are from God? Even in a spiritual discussion you say you are being used by God? She may even be well seen in the church… but her fame at home is very different and worst she knows it, but her fear towards God is so low that it becomes something normal, living with two faces… Does this happen too many times?

If you are single, you are going to look for your siblings, your parents and you are going to ask them for forgiveness because of your bad testimony at home, forgiveness for bad behavior towards them and etc… you are going to look at them in the eyes and ask for their forgiveness, even if they don’t believe; you are going to show them that you are not playing with God in this purpose, you are not only wanting to be with God but to also have a relationship with Him.

 If you are married, you are going to look for your husband (wife) and you are going to do the same as the single ones, (even if they are non-believer.)

The ones, who are singles mothers, look for your kids and do the same, talk and say how special they are to you.

Immediately be a true testimony from God, giving strength to your fear towards God, be yourself, don’t have two faces, at church, at home, at any place… BE UNIQUE! After this attitude you are not going to be the same.

Tomorrow a more proof if you continue in this purpose. J

Day 11 + of God – of me: Placing the house in order

I’m sorry girls! I don’t internet, I have been publishing and answering all the emails through my cellphone, that’s why I’m late… but we are still in the same faith! The devil is not going to stop us!

So let’s work on our construction…

After doing our spiritual suitcases and throwing excesses, let’s go to the next suitcase… the memory suitcase.

Do you remember your ex-boyfriend’s picture? Do you remember the love letters? His phone number? Or the things that remind you about your old self? Those which attract you to go back to your old life? Out of sudden you are on those memories, lamenting, there is when the thoughts come: I would have done things different! Was he a really bad person? Did I take the right option? Lot things come to your mind and when you not realize… Bum! You are once again on memories of your old life and Why? By not giving up and discard those memories.

Read this: “This I say therefore, and testify in the Lord, that ye henceforth walk not as other Gentiles walk, in the vanity of their mind.” Ephesians 4:17.

If you want + of God, this has to change now! You have to be radical with this! Don’t fall on these tricks! And you know how? Discarding from those memories!

Today you are going to show God that with this purpose you want + of Him… This is for everyone (married and single). You are going to search things that has to do with ex-boyfriends, photos that brings back memories of that love that only hurt you, letter, phone number and everything that reminds you of your old life (when you were from the world) and that reminds you how you were (With joy, not with sadness), pictures where you are sensually posing, showing your private parts of your body, that is your past! When the Fast of Daniel finish you are also going to eliminate virtual pictures and memories!
You are going to protect your mind against this and it will be easier to move on, without excess that only hurt you.
“Say not thou, what is the cause that the former days were better than these? For thou dost not enquire wisely concerning this.”  Ecclesiastes 7:10.

Change your way of thinking and it will change your way of living!

“Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.”  Philippians 4:08.

Fabiane Cunha.

Day 10 + of God – of me: Deal with the critics

Have you ever been criticized for something good that you have done? Have you received critics and you were unfairly judged? May be you wanted to give an advice or you wanted to do something good, something spiritual, a vote with God, a purpose and etc… but suddenly you saw yourself in the eye of the hurricane doing this; even you thought about stopping  what you were doing for this situation, but we are considering a passage of the Bible that speaks of it...

“Then took Mary a pound of ointment of spikenard, very costly, and anointed the feet of Jesus, and wiped his feet with her hair: and the house was filled with the odor of the ointment. Then saith one of his disciples, Judas Iscariot, Simon's son, which should betray him, Why was not this ointment sold for three hundred pence, and given to the poor?” John 12:3-5.

She was criticized as if she was doing something wrong, but she was doing it with all her soul and love; suddenly someone supposed from God (Judas was a disciple of God at that moment) criticized her! Let’s imagine we were on her place, giving the best and our life, but she was criticized; she wasn’t doing this to show off or to be seen as a good girl, she was expressing what was in her, all the love and trust in God.

If there is one thing you have to be prepare for are critics, if you are doing the good things have this on your mind, critics are going to come and sometimes you never imagine from where; This is a lot to the married as they will have to learn to deal with them; and don't think that your husband is the worst person in the world! OR is stopping, simply is not within you to understand ... but the Lord Jesus understands you well. Learn to receive critics and not to get hurt at the same time or with anger, you know what is inside you, not justified, let God justify it!

I have passed through difficult situations in which I was doing everything good but I was misunderstood, criticized and I had to deal with it, my husband couldn’t help because it was like not even him understanding me; but God let it happened so I could search more for Him and trust Him, in His work and He always justified me; I never try to defend myself or justify myself because the Lord Jesus knew my intention and what better consolation that this?

He is going to justify you! But on His hour and time!

“Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts:” Psalms 139:23.
If you have been or are being criticize, judged by something, you are not going to be angry, hate, wanting to take revenge, wanting to pay with the same coin, NO! You are going to show you are from God and that you trust in Him, you would not want to convince them with your own strengthen, you are going to pray for them and ask God for them with love, you are going to talk to them normal and you would treat them nice, you are going to show that your relationship with God is more important than anything on this world, that your emotions doesn’t lead your attitudes, but your principles.

“Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.” Romans 12:21.
Fabiane Cunha.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Day 9 + of God – of me: Love your neighbor as yourself!

“And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.” (Mark 12:31), a lot people think they perfectly obey this verse, but let’s think, a lot of us pass all day evangelizing, helping others as much as possible, praying, helping the people, and going to church every day giving all our energy and time Isn’t?, but… What happen to us? If we read again my friends, you would see that this commandment is not just about the people. Let’s understand this; we need to love our neighbor as we love ourselves, Right! Now think with me… If we don’t love ourselves, honestly, we don’t love our neighbor!

How many women treat them like nothing? Just having extra time, they think is enough. But what extra time do we have nowadays?  This is an excuse to many women so they don’t take care of themselves, they don’t eat healthy, they don’t do a make-over, they don’t have time for them, and they live on a race. And you know what happen?

They convert to stress women! They can be anywhere but at the same time at any place, they don’t see things that are clearly in front of them, they are blind of the real necessities of the people, they are very concentrate to see what God wants from them and it is a shame and you know why? Can you serve God without health? You can be a good wife, housewife, mother, daughter, team worker, Pastor’s wife, assistant or servant of God without your health and peace? Of course not my friends!
Another thing: If you can’t serve people inside your own house, do you think you can serve those strange people?
Today you are going to invest in yourself!

If you need to exercise you are going to start today, if you have time for every one and not for you, you are going to be organized and you are going to have time to take care of yourself and so on and so for. Ask God to show you what you need to invest in yourself and you are going to do it. If you love yourself, naturally you would love and would take care of your neighbor, you understand?

Day 8 + of God – of me: Pull out of your suitcase what is in excess!

Since I moved to the United States, I always carry my three suitcases (they are with me from 7 years ago) and also some bags that enter in the car… every month I verify all I have and if I have excessive clothes and etc… If this happens, I take what I don’t use anymore, I give it to someone or if it is in a bad condition I throw it in the trash. You know why? I don’t like to have a lot things; first, because it is horrible to travel with heavy luggage, I stressed and you really don’t need to much things, generally it depends in the place, I went to cold places and I got really nice winter clothes, but then the wind took us to a hot place, Do you think I took the winter clothes? No! I just took two sweaters and the rest? I gave it to the wife who would stay in my place because she didn’t have any. And I live like this ha-ha, always watching if I have excessive things because when the wind blows I’m ready and everything becomes easier and faster for the arrival of the new mission .

We all have a life suitcase too… of all good and bad experiences that we pass through it stays something in the suitcase… But is good to give a deep clean, so we do not have too many things that can hide our path and especially our walk with God. I usually do that with my spiritual suitcase, every time we have the Lord's Supper is the day that I check to see if there is something in excess within me and so I am ready for salvation.

But today we don’t have the Lord’s Supper. But I give you an advice to be in the same rhythm as me if you want… Today is Sunday! We consider it the Lord’s Day, the most important day of the week, the day that we put ourselves in the presence of God, this day are neither other, nor the day we dress normal and is necessary to have this on our mind when we go to His House. You need to be with your suitcase without excess and well organized for this journey, once you do this, His arrival will be quick to meet your Lord and you will have no problems because you're always ready to have him increasingly and always enjoy this trip.

Today before going to your Lord’s House, you will see which is the excess that has your suitcase of life ... perhaps it is a sin for which has been asking God for forgiveness and always falls in the same... or may be that  resentment, hate, etc.. Something that already happened but that you still keep… everything that is within you that is excessive or even you think: “Aah, it is no longer there anymore,” But your conscience accuses you and tells you that yes, this also!

Take out what has excesses in your spiritual suitcase! Go to your bathroom or your bedroom and take it out, ask God for help! For Forgiveness! Speak to Him in a way you have never spoke, even if your heart wants to put tricks on you, listen to your mind (conscience) and then go to your Lord’s House and seek for Him like never before! After the meeting is over if you want to talk to your Pastor about your excess in your spiritual suitcase, don’t doubt it! And eliminate everything in order for you to be ready for the Salvation!

I want to know about you, How’s your experience with this purpose? Leave your comment below because we will read it with lots of love and the Holy Spirit is also going to give us direction to write in the next days through you… Do you know what our intention is with this purpose? Is about building warrior women! Independent in their faith! So they can have the sensibility to listen to God’s Voice! And beyond all women born from God!

I count with your collaboration :-)

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Day 7 + of God – of me: Determined to totally have + of God!

Nowadays a lot people live by appearance, hiding behind a title, behind material blessings, behind a miracle but inside they are empty from God and what is worse is that time passes and instead on improving, they are getting worse.

Let’s read what the Lord Jesus said: “Jesus answered them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, whosoever committed sin is the servant of sin. And the servant abideth not in the house for ever: but the Son abideth ever. If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed. I know that ye are Abraham's seed; but ye seek to kill me, because my word hath no place in you.” John 8:34-37.

I passed through it, before arriving to church deceived by having been involved in evangelical churches, for knowing some songs and thinking that all of us are God’s children. It was very difficult to me when I arrived to the UCKG, I felt very bad and I manifested a lot times… I felt a weight on my body, I couldn’t concentrate, I didn’t understand what the Pastor was speaking, then I realized I wasn’t delivered but I didn’t give up, I ask for help and I started to fight against hell and myself.

I didn’t want to go the services of the church, but instead I fought against my will, I came to the church almost crawling but I fought to overcome this because my desire to know God was bigger than everything. I started to have a relationship with God every day, I have God on my mind at all times, I would go early to pray on the altar, I spoke to God everything that I was passing through, crying, asking for the help of God and His strength to overcome everything, I would never go to sleep before a prayer. Sometimes I stayed  up late praying and humiliating to God, I talked about my fears, failures, how I felt; once I got to the room of my mother because no one could enter there, I hid under the bed and prayed, my mother came and didn't even know I was there, how many times I went to the bathroom and I withdrew, opened the shower in order to pray to God and say everything that was inside of me, I told God to wash my soul ... and he was faithful with me.

The day I had my encounter with God was the happiest day of my life, everything changed inside of me and I knew the exterior would be a consequence , I will tell how it happened: it was a Wednesday night I was praying, I felt so empty,  helpless because I was struggling with all my strength to change my life and have God inside of me, I remember I felt weak and dry of God’s presence, I was looking for the Lord Jesus and then He came to me, He wrapped me  in the fullness of the Holy Spirit, it was a return to birth but now it was the truth because I experienced the encounter that he was real and he was concerned about me, he loved me and it wasn’t my strength anymore but my Lord’s, I felt like I could do everything, that I could help the people, that I could do everything! It wasn’t a weight; it was a delight, the spiritual things started to be my delight, every day I was getting more and more.
The Lord Jesus is amazing!
Well, now is your challenge, this applies with married and single women, because no one and anything can stop you! The only person that can stop you is YOU!

You are going to make a purpose of humiliation every day, you are going to take some minutes to talk to God, it can be in a lonely place in your house, find a time that you know you are going to be alone or when everybody is sleeping and tell God everything! How you feel as a person, as a woman, as a mother, wife and specially as a soul, express you necessity of God, ask Him for help, guidance, wisdom, supernatural love for the people that are around you, you are going to tell Him your weaknesses and you are also recognize your poor spiritual state; for 7 days (Because is the day of the transformation, God created all in this time) is what you are going to start doing now. This week you are going to sit in the first row, near the altar, you are going to get there 15 minutes earlier to pray and to concentrate, if in the first row people who sits there talk too much, sit where you know you are going to concentrate more: The search for the fullness of God in your life; God will see your resignation and the determination in this purpose and He will honor you.

“For he hath regarded the low estate of his handmaiden: for, behold, from henceforth all generations shall call me blessed. For he that is mighty hath done to me great things; and holy is his name.” Luke 1:48-49.

Fabiane Cunha

Day 6 + of God - of me: Diet to eliminate the extra weight

How do you know you're overweight?

When you put on your favorite clothes and BUM! You look at yourself in the mirror and see extra weight. You don’t want it, but is there, preventing you to look good with your favorite clothes. Another way to find out is with your health, you feel tired, heavy, with a lot of anxiety that makes you eat a lot and… when you notice this is making part of your body, immediately you think in a diet or you try to start on a Monday (For some this Monday never comes) and time is passing and you are only accumulating weight and your pleasure for eating and not doing exercise turns normal and not a necessity. You find ways! You buy larger clothes, you make a radical diet to lose weight but only for that week when you have a special event, clothes to go out to a place and that’s it. It comes and you not even care and you live life like this, but you have no idea how much damage you are making to the temple of the Holy Spirit. Only when something serious happen you will understand how much care you need to have for your body.

You can apply this with the spiritual life, you start accumulating extra weight that can damage your life and you try to adapt to it.

What can be that extra weight? Bad thoughts, bad eyes, insecurity, inferiority, addictions to internet, TV, novelas, games, talking bad about people, gossip, fleshly desires and etc… Are some of the things that affect our spiritual life, but sometimes is not helpful just to know it, they have to be eliminated! When we have them is a fatigue to talk to God and know Him through His word, you can’t finish a purpose, you always have excuses to everything and to everyone, you have ups and downs, a lot doubts and you are easily influence by your emotions.

The extra weight apparently doesn’t look so bad, but it can destroy our spiritual life completing and in the future we can lose our salvation.

Do we start a diet?

For now on and all Fridays, we are going to make a fast (not eating or drinking anything), so God can gives us the strength to be free from the extra weight. It is going to be a seven-hour fast (Choose an hour to start), during this fast, you are going to be in spirit, you are going to read the bible, have God on your mind, you are going to be humble and etc… and to complete, you are going to participate in the deliverance prayer at your church, in the first row, You are going to ask God to set you free from all that! If you are an assistant, go in that purpose with your uniform, telling Him that you are going to give all of you in the meeting, but that you also what your deliverance.

See you tomorrow…

Day 5 + of God – of me: Don’t waste time!

If you are single or dating prepare your heart!

You know the expressions: “Aw, he is so cute!” “Is time for you to find someone,” “You need someone to be complete!” It will be that someday I will marry and I will be happy? The heart launches these thoughts and you not even realize and Bum! It speaks and speaks, filling your head with illusions, all to distract and confuse you, and is there when they come the doubts and insecurities.

I will tell you an experience ... When I arrived to church, I was going out with someone; this person did not want to have anything to do with God, nor with me, I went to church alone and he only came to pick me up after the meeting, in the first week, I gave an end to this!

When he came to find me I told him: “I don't want to spend more time with you! I am looking for God and is not good that I stayed with you and you only pick me after every meeting,” Do you know what happened? He laughed at me; he believed he was the best! And he thought it was a joke, but no! I was determined, I had always be determined, even when I was suffering (that was not the case because I didn't love him), I was willing to forget a relationship of 1 year and 6 months that it was over, but I was suffering, he distracted me and I was beginning in my faith; but I kept going .

I made a pact with God and I told him, "Lord, I do not accept any disappointment in my love life, don't let anyone depress my heart again, and only shall enter into my heart who the Lord chooses.”

I was ready to protect my heart, and only using the reason I was going to get it, and I had to take some attitudes and different manners, one of them was: If some guy would come to me with other intentions, I would avoid talking to him, or if I knew that I was going to be alone in a room with a guy I would get out ... Do you know why?

There was once a young man who was very interesting in me, one day he took my hand, and sat down next to me, I tie that feeling, I removed his hand and I left immediately from the situation, but he always was looking for ways to be in the same place that I was, then I tied this feeling and I was dealing with the things of God, I went out to evangelize or cleaned something in the church, I did not waste my time.

In the meetings of the church I sat away from him and I always put my eyes on the altar. To the most daring, offered to pray with me, I told them: “Only after you find my pastor and tell him about your feelings for me, then I will think about it.” And you know what happened? They fled, and thank God for that! This showed me that they did not want anything serious with me and I was tired of being used. I would find ways not to feed feelings for a man, when they came, I tied those thoughts and I would think God’s things. Thoughts come at any moment, and the heart? He wants to scream! You can’t feed your heart, because the heart doesn’t know anything! He only feels….. Is necessary to listen to the reason, it has to be your ally.

Today you are going to tie the voices of your heart making a pact. You are going to cut any kind of relationship you have with men that disturbs your heart, this is also for those who don’t feel anything for them, but they have feelings for you. Avoid being in the same room and being alone with them, cut, and put an end to these feelings and the only way to overcome is not feeding this feeling.

If you are dating someone but this makes you away from God, find the Pastor of your church and explain what is happening, tell him everything! I’m sure he is not going to judge you, I say this from experience, he is going to give advices because you are going to be honest, nothing bad is going to happen because God trust in honest people, Ok.  

Fabiane Cunha.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Day 4 + of God – of me: Be like a child!

Do you remember when you were a kid?

The first time you decided to ride a bike or skates?

I remembered it very well. It was the time that I fall and get up the most. What is very surprising is that the next day I was trying again to ride the bike; One day my father hold me in the bike, he ran and pushed me, It was good, but then I fell and I injured myself really bad, I cried a lot. But although I fell in several occasions, it did not matter; I was willing to learn how to ride a bike.

Time passed and I learned and I would go anywhere with my bike, I would drive with a hand, I went up in the sidewalk, and I did lot things, and you know why? Because when we are children, we don’t   give up; when we fall, we get up, we clear our shed tears immediately and we start to do what we like the most.

Look what the Lord Jesus said, “And said, Verily I say unto you, except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 18.03.

Why does Jesus want us to be like children? Is very simple, because the child is willing to learn and never give up; lives life everyday with intensity, if he falls, he does not takes a lot time to get up. You understand now?

We are on a walk with God, is normal that things would come out for you to give up, don’t stop! Don’t stop! There a passage that gives me a lot strength and it shows great determination: “Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.”     Philippians 3: 13-14.

The apostle Paul clearly knew this and wrote this inspired by the Holy Spirit. You have an objective, don’t stop, even if you fall, get up! Don’t let your memories frustrate you, Continue!

Every morning I wake up happy, because I know the mercy of my God is going to be in my life again and I have a new chance to do things different and better than yesterday.

“It is of the LORD's mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not. They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness.” Lamentations 3:22-23.

For now on, you are going to take a different step…. You will not feed failures thoughts, discourage, not negative thoughts of sins and mistakes of the past, and leave everything in the past, LEAVE THEM FOR REAL! After all you and I have a new day to write a new story.

Fabiane Cunha.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Day Three + of God – of me: Stay away from it!

Today’s Challenge is also going to hurt me J

There one thing that I like a lot and it influences me very easy….. It starts with a beautiful impression, romantic, happy, funny and Bum! When you notice, all your body and mind are obeying. It is everywhere! It makes you happy, sad, excited, mad, and aggressive and sometimes we can find it in the place we are, but are in our minds and we turn away from God.

You know what it is? I think all of you agree with me when you know…

Today’s challenge is going to be a real challenge! We are not going to listen to worldly music until we finish the 21 Days.  May be you may ask… But how can I do that? There’s worldly music everywhere! I’m going to flee how?

I’m going to give you some tips:
Use your cellphone, I pad, IPod, IPhone and everything (Really?) Lol or an mp3 and listen to Christian songs or you can also listen to the friend word of Bishop Macedo, and podcasts of Mrs. Cristiane Cardoso.
Place the application of the "Alleluia" network or application of the UCKG;
What about learning a new language? Search for the songs of the UCKG in different languages.

Stay in the spirit of prayer, seek God in your own thoughts (I did this a lot when I rode in a minibus in SP, in the crowded vans and the radio to loud playing funk);

Train your mind and body in order to be in tune with God in the midst of this distraction is so dangerous  the music and you will see what are you capable of!

Day two + of God – of me: I choose to be God’s friend

Who hasn’t listened to this song:    I choose God, I choose to be God’s friend.  And when do we do this? 

I do this when I listen to the Word of God, when we meet a person, you want to know about this person, her/his goals, values, likes, and when we want to be God’s friends, we need to have this on our mind, desire and get to know him better: Now more than anything I going to be God’s friend! Only then he entrusted its fullness in your life!
First Step: Get a bible! Yes, a real bible! No the virtual in your mobile that one does not counts Ok? Ha-ha. Have this bible wherever you go, we do that we our cellphone isn’t? Ha-ha. 

If your Bible has a cover in poor condition, find a new cover, nowadays you can find nice covers in libraries, or you can personalize your cover with a friend who is in the same purpose, below I leave you very interesting advices for you.

Second Step: Get an agenda or a notebook to write what you understood.

Third Step: During this purpose we are going to read the Gospels, which are the first four books of the New Testament. The Gospels are a good start for you to understand better about the Lord Jesus. And to start today this purpose (who wants to be God’s friend), The Gospel of John is a good start and is the key! Because John was the beloved friend of Jesus; The Gospel of John and then the Epistles of 1, 2 and 3 John; the apostle give us direction and instructions to be God’s friends, since this Gospel speaks clearly about the Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit, and what the Lord Jesus wants us to know about Him, and how we have to act to be His friends.  

Reading three chapters per day during this purpose of the Gospel of John, one in the morning and mediate, one in the afternoon and the other one in the night. In the third chapter, write about what you understood in your agenda. One day of the week, share what you understood with a person who is in the same purpose with you, go to a separate place, take notes and make a prayer asking the Holy Spirit to be able to clearly express what has been learned; then one starts to read a chapter and  what more drew her the attention in this chapter, and what she understood in general; It will be very good and edifying, when you both start talking you will notice how useful the lecture was, and it is going to feed the desire to continue this purpose and to see the fruits, because the Word of God never comes empty, the bible meets in the life of those who believe. I am sure that this is going to call God’s attention and He will bless.

God bless us in this Faith.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Day one of + of God – of me: Be Radical!

Starting the 1st of September (Sunday) you are going to be radical against your will! You are going to be radical on the things that distance you from God! We are going to have challenges each day in order to get to the main objective in this Fast of Daniel. Faith is like a ray, illuminating, who was, was and who was not, stayed. You know the moment when you decide and decide without any doubt? Is exactly that! This is your first test! Are you ready?

Starting Sunday you are going to leave your little perfect world, full of traps and diabolic that makes you be more far away from God- FACEBOOK, INSTRAGRAM, and SOCIAL NETWORKS AND TWITTER!

You are not going to enter on these social networks during this purpose until we finish the 21 Days; You are only going to enter on your emails, blogs of the church and here (this blog), because we are going to publish a proof by day. Below you can see an image to put on your profile and then you are going to log off from everything! If possible you can erase the apps from your mobile- Burn your will, let it scream, who commands now is your mind!

This is the first evidence that will show if your life is truly + of God –Less of me! For most of you is going to be really hard, but is one of the things you need to eliminate in order to get what you want: An encounter with God. Leave your comment if you really completed the test, put the picture and log off from all that! 

“Therefore whosoever heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man, which built his house upon a rock.” Mathew 7:24.

"A servant that has the same characteristics as God does not only do His work, but overall, His will."