Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The day I was called to be an assistant...

I started growing more and being more dedicated, now I was confident, not deceiving anyone, without any masks... I was just being myself. It was my utmost pleasure to serve God. I was there in almost every meeting in the evening, I sat with the people asking what they needed prayer for and placed their names in my little prayer book. I counseled youth, I gave a lot of effort for my tribe to grow... basically I was giving my all for God.

Time went by, many people kept asking me, "Why aren't you an assistant yet? Join the assistants course. You'll start getting prepared to become a collaborator." I decided to participate not to become an assistant but to learn more. I joined the course 6 months and I learned so much. But, I wasn't raised as an assistant. I continued doing what I loved doing, not caring if I was an assistant or not. 

But something started to change within me, I disregarded it at first, but the feeling kept coming back. The desire to become an assistant came after being 2 years within the church. I was even already dreaming that I was wearing the uniform... lol... But my only concern at that time was not letting anxiety take over. I was only 14 years old and still a kid, but, with a mature mind.

The pastor in that time had been there for around 2 years and some months in my church in Cubatão, he was Pastor Roberto Texeira.. He knew me, but he was transfered and I thought... Now, the new pastor will have to know me and I'll have to join the course once again. But, that same week I spoke to God, my life was in His hands. The pastor was in the church for around a week, and I remember that during my lunch hours, I went to church to clean the restrooms. I was also cleaning the service room, as I always did, I loved being in church, being able to clean it... I was there and the pastor or assistants would call me for something, I felt so useful, even if it was to go look for something in the store, pharmacy, etc.

I remember it was on a Thursday, I was there like always during my lunch hour, I had only seen the pastor for the first time on Thursday because he had done the service. I was sweeping the church and he kept observing me. I continued cleaning, a few seconds later he comes towards me and my heart started beating faster... He asked me, "Are you an assistant?" Lol, I wasn't expecting that question. I responded, "No pastor, I'm only in the youth group." Then he told me, "Okay, from now on you're an assistant. I will be leaving soon but I'll let the other pastor know that I raised you as an assistant." I was numb. I didn't expect this, I saw God in that moment raising me up... It marked my life.

On that same day came the other pastor came, It was Pastor Roberto again lol... I went and spoke to him, and it was confirmed that I was an assistant... I couldn't believe it.

In that moment I realized that when we let God act, He acts without any explanation. He knew my heart's intention, and that what I did was for Him. He knew that it didn't matter to me how long it would take for me to become an assistant. Even if I didn't have the title, I was already an assistant. Many times there's a lot of people who have in mind, "When I'm an assistant, it's then that I'll start doing things." They don't realize that the one who raises them up is themselves. 

One time I heard this phrase: "There's a lot of assistants who are not servants and a lot of servants who aren't assistants."

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Your oil ran out... Now what?

This message is for those that one day had the Holy Spirit and lost It. Perhaps it was negligence, not being vigilant, sin, but that doesn't matter now. 

Learn one thing: The Holy Spirit isn't like the devil who acts like He's God just to accuse us, like he did with Job, no way! He would never do that! He is there by your side waiting for you to repent and deliver the good news on God's behalf! So basically, humble yourself. Perhaps it seems that everyone left you, they got fed up with you and you feel condemned. You still go to church well, when you feel like it, but you avoid everyone, you feel annoyed with people, you can no longer see them with good eyes.

Sorry to say it but, the only one losing out is you! And that's exactly what the devil is feeding off of. The natural thing is when a person feels frustrated it feels like everyone else won't treat you the same as before. If you don't change this and start feeling normal around them, even if you did do something wrong, you're going to need time to reevaluate your situation and make new decisions. That's if you truly want your salvation. 

Perhaps you don't trust in anyone anymore. And once again, that's a point for the devil! Your distrust will block you from the people who can help you, also because of your attitude you will end up pushing them away and the only thing they'll be able to do is pray for you. Stop faking everything is fine when its not. Stop trying to show what's not there or give what you haven't received, you can fool everyone but not the Holy Spirit. 
      "The joy of our heart has ceased; 
      Our dance has turned into mourning. 
       The crown has fallen from our head. 
      Woe to us, for we have sinned! 
       Because of this our heart is faint; 
      Because of these things our eyes grow dim; 
       Because of Mount Zion which is desolate, 
      With foxes walking about on it." (Lam 5:15-18)
I also speak to you who are currently sinning, and are afraid to confess it, as long as you remain like this your salvation is at risk, you're getting weak, perhaps someone or even you ended up convincing yourself that you don't need to confess it to anyone, only to pray and ask for forgiveness  thinking that's enough. It's not. You're leaving your mind dirty and it will bring your faith down! Be sincere with yourself and God, that is the first step. You will start reaping what you will sow without a doubt. The fact of repenting, confessing and leaving behind whatever it is you were doing wrong shows that Jesus is first place in your life, and only like this will the Holy Spirit dwell within you once again!

The Lord Jesus won't reject you, don't be afraid, obey. Your soul is far more precious than a title! You're very special for Jesus, believe it!

"You, O LORD, remain forever; 
      Your throne from generation to generation. 
       Why do You forget us forever, 
      And forsake us for so long a time? 
       Turn us back to You, O LORD, and we will be restored; 
      Renew our days as of old, 
       Unless You have utterly rejected us, 
      And are very angry with us!" (Lam 5 19:22)

The Lord Jesus is only waiting for you to take action: Remove any knots from your heart, cleanse your eyes and restore the crown of salvation. Don't waste time, He is coming quickly!

Roberta Kelly

Monday, May 23, 2011

The wrong intention.

I remember when I first came to the church... more or less 9 years ago. A desire grew within me to serve God as an assistant, but that intention wasn't to save souls in reality, not even my soul was saved yet!

I observed all the assistants walking up and down the service room, counseling people and using a beautiful uniform. That was so attractive to me! I started getting involved in God's work, in the youth group, evangelizing, everything. My point was to get people's attention and be respected by them because when I was in the world  nobody respected me – I didn't receive any acknowledgment.

The intention of my heart was wrong... I only wanted to have a position in the church, not wanting to please God quite the contrary, I only wanted to please myself and satisfy my ego. 

I lived 4 years like this in the church with these selfish thoughts. Everyone was being blessed except me. Instead of going forwards I was going backwards. This really frustrated me. 

It was only until the penny dropped, and I was able to recognize how wrong I was. I needed to change. So then something happened, a change within me. My intensions, my goals were no longer turned towards pleasing me, but pleasing others, saving souls, it was then and there that a true desire was growing inside, not to please my self but to finally serve God...

After changing my intentions, 3 months passed and that was enough time to be baptized with the Holy Spirit and be raised up as an assistant. It was the happiest day of my life! I made a pact with God, to serve him with all my strength and with all my heart. It's been 5 years since this and I'm still in the same spirit, the same FAITH...

I remembered the verse in the bible that speaks of Hannah's story (1 Sam 1.11)

Hannah only received what she'd always wanted when she changed her heart's intentions. Before, she only wanted a son to get revenge on the person who kept provoking her... but, when she decided to have a son to glorify God, her answer came very quickly...

A secret to being victorious is in our intentions. We have to be sincere before God!

Hugs Mrs. Graciele,

Asst. Cristiane Silva

Friday, May 6, 2011

I'm crushed!!!

"I'm so sad, literally crushed!... I'm not the leader of the group I'm in any more, I feel so useless... I was in charge but got removed… I don't get it I was doing everything right, why did this happen?"

Hmm... Have you heard this already? Or said it yourself?

Let's see what God wants...

When we say we want to serve God as servants do we say, "I want to serve as leader of group A, B, or C, or I want to be this, this and that..." No way! What we mean to say is that we're willing to serve God wherever He sends us, isn't that right?

So then why do so many people get sad because they're not awarded with a certain position? Or why do they say they can't do more for God because they don't have a certain position? 

If you think this way, then your wasting your time.

A servant of God, doesn't have to be a leader, responsible for this or that. She serves God with joy in any position! She doesn't get sad when something is taken away, she keeps serving God. She doesn't care what she has to do, she'll make lemonade from lemons!

She shines when she does things for God, when she doesn't care about her image (Or what they'll think of her) she's the same person when she leads and when she follows and even when she's doing something that appears insignificant to the human eye... even in these things she has zeal in because they're for God. She bears fruit in all she does.

I've always heard the saying, "You want to know a person? Give her everything and then take it all away. There you'll know who she really is." (Isn't this true?)

Those who love serving God make the difference, even if they have to clean a toilet. They are serving the Lord Jesus, not themselves. Those who serve God don't care about their public image, what others say about them, she knows she's a blessing and wherever she goes she will make the difference. Everything she does is and will be for The Lord Jesus.

"A servant that has the same characteristics as God does not only do His work, but overall, His will."