Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Love Life - Where Everything Began (Final)

I went home still thinking this wasn't true. I really wanted Wednesday to come already so I could finally speak with my pastor. On Wednesday morning, I went to church and attended the meeting but didn't have the courage to speak to pastor. I would walk around him but couldn't speak, I had the impression that I was in sin and, also I'd only be able to go to work after speaking with someone about what had happened. 

God prepared for me a special person, the pastor's wife. I had never spoken to her about me, but I felt the need to speak to her first. I asked her if she had a minute to spare and with a smile on her face, so beautiful in the inside, she told me of course. We went inside a church room and I took a deep breath... I told her I had a very serious issue to speak to her about, and if I was doing wrong, I was willing to change (she must've thought I was sinning), ever since I've been in the work of God I've been this way, if something was going to harm me, I prefer to obey authority, no matter what it is, what I have to sacrifice, I only want God's guidance and not my own. 

I said almost crying... "I like a pastor, and he came up to me yesterday and asked to pray together, what should I do Mrs??" She smiled and told me, "You are blessed child, no need to worry, I'll go speak to my husband — wait here." Oh no, the pastor was going to know but, I was ready and waiting lol. He came in smiling and said, "You can pray my daughter, I'm going to speak to him." Wow... my blessing was complete, the only thing I needed now was to know his name... I asked the pastor's wife and she told me, "Valdo."

That same week we had a vigil with the assistants and my pastor spoke with him. When the meeting ended he came towards me and I ran to the restroom, what audacity!!! I didn't want anyone to know yet. When I came out, he was there waiting for me, I was objective, "I can't speak now, only on Tuesday when I come."

I wrote a letter to him with words of faith and my phone number and took it to the meeting of the 70. I gave it to him and asked if we could be discreet about this, for nothing was certain as of yet (we were there to help people and not see each other). He gave me his phone number and from that day on, I began to know him. We only spoke through the phone, in meetings only from far away. This is when I asked him about the day he came to my church and what happened with that assistant. I laughed because they were indeed introduced only that, he was already interested in me, when the pastor spoke to him about meeting an assistant he thought it was me so he went. He was speechless and then asked her her age, she was almost 2 years older than him, that's when he said he wasn't meant for her, that God would bless her with a man of God.

A month went by and my relationship was approved by the regional pastor, the pastor at my church announced in the morning meeting that in the evening meeting at 6 he would be blessing a couple (the auxiliary that had been an assistant with me) as well as a new relationship. I heard comments with the assistants and members and they had no clue it was me... I stayed quiet and only my best friend Luiciana knew about this as well as the assistant who would go with me to the meeting of the 70.

When the pastor asked for me to go up on the alter, to bless this relationship, many people were shocked. Who knew the chubby girl, wearing cat eye looking glasses, blessed.

The secret was in my trust and the intentions of my heart, I valued myself, I am of God and couldn't be dating one and another. 

Don't let time and anxiety, fear and despair hold back the work of God in your life. You don't need to give God a helping hand. Let him work!!!

Do you think this is over? LOL... no. I also faced struggles in my relationship. Do you want to know them? Just wait!!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The right thing to do...

This message is for all those young women who have doubts regarding their love life and specially for all the assistants who are dating or interested in a single pastor.

You need to take into consideration a few basic rules in order to avoid making the wrong choice.

What do you as an assistant, have to observe in a pastor before starting a relationship with him?

1. If he is a servant.
2. The amount of time he's been in the Work of God.
3. If his ministry was approved.
4. His personality.
5. His flaws.
6. His age.
7. Only accept to date him with approval from the pastor in charge.
8. Participate in the Therapy of Love meetings as soon as your relationship has been approved.

These are a set of factors that will reduce the chances of an unsuccessful relationship, as well as wasting time with a person that still needs approval. I'm from the time in which you would only pray and just wait on God. The assistant would pray, speak with him only in public (never alone), they never went out together, and they would specially not call each other. 

Today things have changed and because of this, the risks are higher. Young women rely only on what's in front of them, they become blind and don't realize that not everything that glitters is gold!!!

Many times a young lady who was disappointed from a previous relationship starts believing that she has found the man in her life... Perfect! But, we have noticed that things are more complicated, they forget that before being a man of God, their suitor is a man. This means that he has flaws and shortcomings, the perfect man doesn't exist, but rather the perfect match for each one of us. Perhaps this image of perfection and holiness has caused many young women to not realize that they need to watch in order not to make the wrong decision. Being of God doesn't mean being perfect, but rather a condition, this condition guarantees a path with fewer rocks, but never without them...

It's hard to accept that we make mistakes in our choices, but being of God is to take courage and confront our mistakes and learn from them. 

"The blessing of the LORD makes one rich, And He adds no sorrow with it." (Proverbs 10:22)

Mrs. Carla Leite - Mozambique, Africa

My Love Life - Where Everything Began (Part 4)

(Read Part 3 here)

I kept on going to the meeting of the 70 apostles and would see the auxiliary I liked in the meetings. The feeling was still there, how could I face him? I would not let him interfere with my plans with God nor with the church. I was not feeding these feelings by, listening to romantic music and thinking about him (aw, I lost him, boohoo), or daydreaming in a fairy tale, noooo... I had no time for that, my mind was in my work, my family, the work of God, souls. It's funny that during this time two assistants came up to me asking to pray with me (I now realize I was very rude but, oh well, lol) The first one asked me and I responded by saying, "Do you work?" He said he was looking for a job... 

"Okay, after you get a job you can look for me and we'll talk..."Lol... 

I asked the other one, "How old are you"? He answered15. "Okay, after you grow up, then you can look for me, I already take care of a little brother, now if you really like me, start decorating the book of Psalms" I responded. 

I could be chubby, use cat looking glasses but, I knew my value, lol, I was of God. 

When you start liking someone... don't become fooled by feelings, our time is not the same time as God.

Another detail: When I began liking this auxiliary, I didn't tell anyone, I stayed 3 months with these feelings, not knowing what church he was from, what his name was, I didn't know anything about him nor did I want to know (I didn't want to feed these feelings). After that special meeting I had in church, a month passed and everything remained normal, just as it had always been.

On Tuesday I went to the meeting of the 70 and at the churches door was the auxiliary I liked looking my way. After the meeting was over, he stayed close to me, I would go one way and so would he (I found this odd), but I didn't worry about it. The meeting finished, I counseled people, he had already gone up...good.

I counseled one last person and asked the assistant, that I considered a father, if he could wait for me because I didn't want to go home alone. I went to get my purse in the assistants room. I remember that I was heading towards the exit and I hear a person running toward me in the hall. It was an auxiliary that had been an assistant with me, he called, "Graciele, wait!!" My God, what does he want with me? It's been a long time since I've spoken with him. I stopped in the middle of the hallway. It's funny how he awkwardly asked, "Do you like someone??"

"Hahaha... What kind of question is that?" I responded. I didn't beat around the bush... "I may like someone, why?"

"Because there's an auxiliary who likes you, he's the one waiting there by the door." I looked back and it was him, I couldn't believe it!!!

I answered, "It is him." The auxiliary made a sign for him - "She likes you".

He came towards my direction, I froze... I remember in that moment the prayer I had made, he had to come to me. He came and introduced himself, he called me by my name, I didn't even know his name. He asked if I had faith to pray with him and I said I yes.... he asked for my number and I said no. Calm down girls, lol,  it's because I wasn't able to give it to him in that moment, I had to go catch the bus and I also told him that. It was all very new for me, I needed to speak with my pastor... Remember, there was once that I was put down from being an assistant because I didn't let the pastor know that I wouldn't be going on a Wednesday lol... since that day, I let him know everything first lol... even to this day. I started leaving and at the same time asked him his name... but I didn't hear it (what a shame), and I left anyway. The assistant that I would always go home with saw everything, I asked him if he could please not tell anyone about this. I was so happy... because it was all the way I asked God, I didn't force anything, everything happened at the right time...

To be continued...

Note: I would like if you could leave your comment. What do you think about your love life? Have these posts been helping you?


Saturday, January 21, 2012

7 tips to be happy in your love life

1. Pray that it is truly God's will and that it's the person He chose for you. Believe in His response.

2. When you find a person ask God for a confirmation the he is the one He chose.

3. Don't act with emotions but instead with reason.

4. Be attentive to the persons attitudes. (comments, attitudes, words, etc...).

5. Always desiring to do God's will, will make a big difference.

6. Be careful with the difference in age and mentality (maturity).

7. Make sure the person is compatible (ex. spirituality, mentality, objectives, faith, etc...) with you. 

Cristina Macedo
Reading, Pennsylvania - USA

Friday, January 20, 2012

My love life - Where Everything Began (Part 3)

(Read part 2 here)

We prepared everything for the meeting at our church. I still wasn't sure if I would be in that meeting because, I worked on Saturdays. I didn't make any arrangements to assist in the meeting. 

The long awaited Saturday came.. and to my joy I found out last minute that my boss would be going to the meeting with the 12 pastors and, I would be able to go and assist. I arrived at church an hour before and it had many people. I went to change in the assistants room, I had never seen so many assistants getting ready for the service. The thing was that it was different, some were getting ready because they would see the SINGLE pastors, that was the least of it though... I was already used to it.

I waited in line for around 15 minutes, I had to change into my uniform. An assistant knocked on the door asking for help to take some things to the sanctuary... nobody moved, no one wanted to go because they were getting ready, I looked behind me and there were 7 other assistants... not including the ones that were in front of me... if I were to leave in that moment, I would have to go to the end of the line. I put my uniform in my locker and went to help the assistant. To my surprise, guess who I find? The auxiliary (my husband) who I had placed in the hands of God. I literally froze, I didn't know he'd be at my church. 

I was very worried, I wouldn't be able to assist in the service... the assistants would know I liked him, I didn't know how to hide it. I finished helping the assistant, and returned to the assistants room (I had to do something), I went back into the restroom line thinking, "My God, I came so joyful to help but, I didn't expect this, I know myself, I won't be able to give my best in this meeting, I'll be worried... what do I do now?!"

Once again the assistant knocked on the door, asking the assistants for help in the kids zone, there was no one to take care of them. Many didn't want to go, others finished getting ready quickly and went straight into the sanctuary, what about me?? Again I left the line and decided to be in the kids zone, at least there no one would see me and I'd be serving God.

I went to the kids zone and it was full of kids, I had to take them to their class rooms, three teachers and I. It was a blessing!

Just then a few colleagues (assistants) showed up a few minutes before the meeting. They said that the pastor was presenting 2 auxiliaries to some assistants (one of them was the one I liked). Another came saying that they presented to her an auxiliary and he had given her hope to pray together... I don't know where this courage came from but I asked who it was she'd be praying with, she smiled and said the one with the yellow shirt.

The auxiliary I liked was wearing the yellow shirt. My initial thought was, "You see? Those feelings were not from God... they only wanted to deceive you... forget about it!!!" I had already placed this in the hands of God but, it was good... because if I would've fed that feeling I would be crying on the ground, or even going into the sanctuary to see if he would come up to me.

You know what I did? I left it alone. I helped in the Kids Zone with all my heart, I remember we had 100 kids... we left tired but happy. I knew God was taking care of me. I didn't want to be dating one then another one, I wanted the right one... I wanted to date in order to get married, I wanted it to be a relationship that would be good for me and have the same objectives to, "Serve God on the Altar."

If you're a person who has everything to make another happy then, you have what it takes to be happy in your love life! Trust in God, He will always have the right person for you!

Note: There's another side to the story that I didn't know, later I found out lol... it was all a lie. The auxiliary (my husband) had given the assistant no hope... I didn't know about this so I continued with my life and after 1 month the answer came.

(Read part 4 here)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Love Life -Where Everything began (Part 2)

(Read Part1 here)
During that time my love life was non-existent. I wasn't too sure about that subject, I had already witnessed many problems and many friends who began dating, got too involved in it, to the point of losing their relationship with God. They stopped being assistants and even left the church. I thought love life was so overrated.

Thank God I always had good advice, and listened to what they said. The first thing was... that I was young, I needed to value myself and the other thing was that I didn't need a man to be happy and yes... that it would happen naturally over time. I remember in that time (I don't know how it is now because I've been out of the country) there were a lot of youth who wanted to serve God on the altar and the majority of female assistants wanted to marry a pastor. The thing is, I didn't think that way. I wanted to become a pastor... and eventually in a distant future I thought I'd end up marrying an assistant because in my fantasy world, I wanted to be a pastor, not a pastor's wife (I was a little naive on this subject). This was my mindset and I started telling my friends. I'm sure they thought there was a missing screw in my head, lol.

God does everything so differently, not according to the way we think at all. He tests our words and awaits our action. I was really involved with the things of God but something started happening to me. I began to like an auxiliary (my husband) in that service I attended. When I realized that, I felt so revolted against myself. I began to pray against those feelings. I would seriously look at myself in the mirror and say, "Who are you to judge, aren't you taking the same path as the others? Have you gone mad? This is a weapon of the devil, don't you want to be on the altar preaching the word of God? What you are feeling is not the will of God." I fought against myself... for several weeks.

I felt ashamed to ask advice about this, I decided to only make a single prayer, "My God, I place these feelings in your hands, if this is from you, he will approach me, in case he doesn't, take away these feelings." Quickly... I felt God remove a burden of worry from my head, I left it all there. I didn't know his name, where he was from, if he was in a relationship, to me this was very complicated. I didn't let this interfere with my relationship with God. I didn't become anxious because even though I had a radical attitude, I trusted in God.

The bible says that our heart is deceitful, knowing this, we have to be very careful that our heart doesn't deceive us. Therefore, before giving ourselves to someone, we need to consider a few things like, the persons goals, their spiritual level, if they've truly had an encounter with God, etc. Ask for the Holy Spirit to give you guidance and believe that God has a son for every single one of His daughters, God will bless you. I suggest you read the book, "The Profile of the Man of God" as well as "The Profile of the Woman of God". These are books that have advice about this subject, it's one of the things I did :)

During this same week, the pastor of my church announced to all the assistants that we'd be having a special meeting on Saturday, where 12 regional pastors would be coming. We had to organize the meeting, items and etc.

To be continued...

(Read Part 3)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Love Life - Where Everything Began (Part 1)

I had just started wearing my assistants uniform (I still couldn't believe it). At this moment all I wanted to do was serve my God and do what He wanted. I had the opportunity to do a special work (holding services only few times a week) at my school. Right after work on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I went directly to there. The work we did there began to grow and the pastor sent an assistant to come and help me. I ended up making meetings with up to 100 people, it was a blessing... as I was doing this, a desire began to grow inside of me to serve God on the altar. But with me, everything was different... I wanted to serve God as a pastor... that's right... a pastor. 

I used to daydream, imagining myself preaching on the altar and never once as a pastor's wife. I remember that in services in which I assisted as an assistant, my pastor would always call the male assistants to go up and pray on the microphone. I would just stay there wanting to go as well, until one day it happened. The pastor called me to go up and pray (me and some female assistants). I was already decided that I would serve on the altar, the pastor said nothing was impossible -  I was positive I would serve as a pastor.

Two months went by and we were told that all the assistants needed to go to the meeting of the 70 apostles in the headquarters. I had to go, so I continued doing the special work on Thursdays and on Tuesdays and then I would go to the headquarters.

I remember that the first time I went, I was in shock. First of all it was a very blessed meeting, people from other states came (a lot of them) for this purpose of healing. Many people were seeking healing and counseling...I didn't just stay for the 6pm meeting, I ended up staying for the meeting at 8pm meeting as well. I felt useful in those meetings, I would leave with my uniform all dirty because the people that were being delivered manifested with demons. I didn't care about anything else... I was there in order to help these people. The second thing that shocked me was that I didn't see many young assistants wanting to do things to help, they stood by the wall while the meeting was going on and afterwards they would go to the restroom to chat. My God! Why?! I Just let it go, everyone is different, God knows everything...because of this we cannot judge. 

When I'd go to the headquarters on Tuesdays and I would always be in the restroom anointing people and afterwards assist in the meeting. I got to know assistants from many places, many were really nice but, they had something that made me uncomfortable and many times I would leave quietly. They always spoke about the same thing — their love life.

They would talk about how their "blessing" was in the service (because there were 70 single auxiliary pastors), they couldn't be messy or sweaty because they could "lose" their blessing lol, as well as the opportunity to serve God on the altar, beside a man of God...but there was one day I got so mad...I was getting dressed and they only spoke about that, I couldn't help it, I took a deep breath and told them something...

"Don't you all think you're being anxious? Didn't you notice all the people in need of help, or were you paying more attention to the auxiliaries?"

Goodness!!! They wanted to eat me alive lol... one of them told me I was saying this because I wanted to appear spiritual... the other one told me that I was jealous that they were beautiful and of God...

"Now Graciele, you need to improve your appearance my darling... you need to lose weight (I was overweight back then), those glasses don't go with you (I used those cat looking glasses), look at yourself first child, so then you can say something to us."

You know what I did? Nothing... I stayed quiet. In truth, I didn't know what to do so, I continued going and would speak with them, but, I didn't stay close around them too much because I knew it wouldn't be good for me.

My husband was one of the auxiliaries they would speak about, at that time I didn't know him yet.

Note: In the above picture I was already a bit thinner :-)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Sorry for not writing as much here on the blog

Hi Girls! 

I miss writing on here but right now I need to be patient, I need to obey in order to get better... so sorry about that... but I would just like to alert you all on something.

During these days that I haven't been running around much, trying to figure out this or that, being busy doing something, I was able to place more attention in a small but very important thing — our health. 

I read a quote on the internet that says, "A strong and healthy body depends on a strong and healthy soul."

Good health is a healthy soul in a healthy body. Our body belongs to God, isn't that right? He gave it to us in order to take care of it, it's like a vehicle that carries your soul during life. Just like you wouldn't harm another person, just as you wouldn't hurt anything that God has created, you cannot harm your own body friend. You need to eat healthy, rest, stay fit, and treat your body with respect in every aspect. Physical health is not an option; it's part of your responsibility with God.

These days i've been yearning to do more things to win souls... but I have to be physically healthy, to truly give the best of me ;-)

Let's focus more on this little detail, I confess it's not easy, but it's of great importance.

Note: My surgery went well :-D Thank you for praying friends.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Obeying God is the correct path to take

"...I do nothing of Myself; but as My Father taught Me, I speak these things. And He who sent Me is with Me. The Father has not left Me alone, for I always do those things that please Him.” (John 8:28-29)
Every person that does what God tells him to do through His word, and does it with love and compassion, is never left alone, even if the situation may show otherwise against them. These people love God and they are loved back by Him.
It's not by saying many times in a loud voice, "Lord Jesus, I love you", that's going to make us be heard. Those who truly love Him obey the word He gives them, they put it in practice daily, even whilst knowing that sometimes it's difficult to obey...anyhow, it's the only path that pleases God and makes us victorious. 
Face the challenge that God has put before you, that was already confirmed inside of you when you heard and read the Word of God. He guarantees that He'll always be with you on this endeavor. Your success in this challenge is the success of God himself. 
Don't allow the thorns of life to choke up your divine purpose, which you received from the Lord Jesus. Friend, He will provide! 
The doors to the Kingdom of Heaven are open to those who do the will of God and have courage to obey His voice at every moment. 
"The man who obeys is nearly always better than the man who commands." - Ernest Renan

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

We are one in Christ (Testimony of a Pastor's wife)

The first day that I wore my assistants uniform was on a Friday evening. I was very nervous, shy, and a bit lost. If you've already gone through this, you'll know very well the feeling. It's as if everyone is looking at you. It was on this day that I saw my husband for the first time, when I looked at him I thought, "Could it be that he'll be my husband?"

Girls, it wasn't a malicious thought, I wasn't looking for a boyfriend, I didn't have the desire to be a pastor's wife, it was something automatic. I just looked and simply thought, he was very serious, after some moments the thought passed.

Immediately after he was transfered to another church, he only came on Tuesdays; where we had the chain of 70 apostles, up until now I didn't have any sort of feelings towards him. I only observed... I found him very serious, and that for me was a positive thing for a man. After some time he disappeared, he had been transfered to another city. On a certain day, I was at home, and was listening to the program and the Bishop announced that this certain pastor was going to be transfered to the headquarters. Girls don't think bad of me but when I heard Bishop say this, I thought, "Imagine, me married with this pastor??" Lol, you must be laughing, but it's exactly what happened. After some time I began observing him; his behavior, his meetings, his prayers. On my behalf, I started to get feelings towards him but he didn't like me.

One day he called me, told me to forget about him, that he didn't like me, he told me very strong words, he told me I needed to convert, lol, seriously. I couldn't believe I was hearing that, this happened on a Saturday. On the next Sunday morning meeting, I kneeled down and told God I didn't accept suffering, I suffered only when I was served the devil. I told God to have him like me in one week or to take away this feeling completely from me also in one week. I told God I didn't accept this situation, if it was His will, for His glory that He bless this (because if a relationship is for the glory of God, His going to make us happy without a doubt). It was a quick prayer, I didn't ask God for anything else; I let Him do His part.

Can you believe it, on Valentines Day he sent me flowers, it was a confirmation from God. He did like me, I shouted out of joy, I had determined it but couldn't believe it was happening. We began to pray together, after a few months we began dating, after 5 months we got married. In this year, 2012, we will complete 12 years of marriage. God had prepared us for each other, we are one in Christ.

Wherever you go, I will go; wherever you live, I will live. Your people will be my people, and your God will be my God.

Rose - Angola

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Day 19, 20 and 21 - My 21 Days

In ever corner lies a hidden challenge! I love challenges especially when it's to save souls. As I said in the previous post, my husband and I were transfered to California and will now be in the English work (my new challenge).

I've had to sacrifice a lot in this past days, cut my finger, had surgery, then I had to move, receive the new pastor and wife, pack, face the airplane (for those who don't know I'm very scared to be on airplanes) all those emotions, anxieties were in my mind but, certainty, faith, trust, reason, never let me down, when souls are your target everything is alright, even those things that go wrong turn out right.

Whenever we're faced with challenges our heart is the first to speak against them even knowing it's for a good cause. It knows that we want to come out of the comfort zone, but when we decide to go by faith, everything is directed by God.

After everything was resolved, going to the airport, there I was again with the challenge of flying in an airplane (this would be the final challenge of the day), with butterflies in my stomach, I went inside the airplane. As it was going up, as I usually do, I closed my eyes and prayed the whole time, it's as if I'm secure in the hands of God, knowing that I will go with peace and security to my new destiny. At last I arrived :-)

Life is filled with challenges and if we confront them in a creative way, they can turn into opportunities. We will always have challenges, it's normal to have emotions and feelings reacting inside of us... but we have to trust in God, believe with all your strength that challenges turn into opportunities.

May this year of 2012 be a year of opportunities mainly in our spiritual life and for the souls.

May God bless you all who are always here on this blog soooo much! Thank you for all your prayers... I love you without even knowing you personally.


"A servant that has the same characteristics as God does not only do His work, but overall, His will."