Tuesday, March 20, 2012

4th Check Up - A decorative vase or a toilet?

We all have to be be aware about what we really want, deep down in our soul. What are the real intentions of our heart? What do we really want? To bless our life? A position? Or do we want to serve God?

Those who want to serve God don't worry about serving as a household item, like a trophy (as the Word of God says), or as an item of no honor, for example, a toilet. 

A young girl named Ferly Victoria sent me a really good example (thank you dear!), about being a decorative vase, beautifying places, the altar, etc., unlike a toilet, which has no beauty. I thought more about her example and I know that many already know about this, but let's go deeper shall we? It's very important for us:

A decorative vase is beautiful. It makes a big difference where ever you place it, calling attention by its appeal. The whole environment looks nicer, I mean, who doesn't like vases with flowers? It's a perfect combination! Let me ask you, is this decorative vase useful? Of course!

Now on the other hand, the toilet seat isn't as charming. It also makes a big difference, even without beauty, it may be far away hidden, but you need it to relieve yourself (which is always, lol) so, you go after it :-) We cannot live without it!

Both are useful, one serves as a decoration and the other to relieve yourself.

Now, let's understand. You have people who serve God as a decorative vase, and others who serve God as a toilet in the restroom. When you first buy the vase, it is beautiful on the first day, but as the days go by, you get used to seeing it, it gets old and you forget about it. But, the toilet you cannot forget, lol. You need it every day, it's always working, it's always being used.

What am I trying to say by this? It doesn't matter where we'll be used by God! The important thing is that we'll be saving souls! If you received His Spirit, it doesn't matter where you'll be, you have something to give... now, if you don't have His Spirit, then you have nothing to give, that's where complaints and barriers come from, and God will have to find someone to replace you.

A toilet seat is not beautiful on the outside and it's not seen as a decoration to human eyes but it's located everywhere we go always ready to fulfill it's duty.

Want to know which of these two you are? Analyze your attitudes and the intentions of your heart and you will have your answer.

To be continued...

"A servant that has the same characteristics as God does not only do His work, but overall, His will."