Friday, January 24, 2014

Purpose Indignant

One of the things I've been angry with is that today people easily give up on their ideals, their challenges, their healing, their transformation of life, giving up on a lasting marriage, a dream, give up easily to believe, to trust God, to have an experience with him, and more to be saved.

Now a days people have given up so quick and on easy things, their future. They've simply settled for a "your life will be like this forever, that material and spiritual achievements are far, far away. So far away that they won't be able to conquer it." Why do people in church think like this? Why are people satisfied with the way they live? Why have many people given up on having a happy marriage and have done things their own way and now are unhappy? Why have many tried to have an encounter with God, be born from God desisted on the way, and now think that God didn't choose them?

What's happening to the Christian People and Christian Teenagers from now? Living out of appearance, speaking of a God they don't even know, they're always at church with many responsibilities, wishing they were in fashion just like the worldly people, wanting to show all the time which is of God, but their interior is empty, their conversations are to talk bad about others, their thoughts are the desire of their heart, their eyes are bad, and their life and or testimony haven't shown anything from God.

Do you know why many people are comfortable with living like this?

Because their Faith is hungry! For the ones who BELIEVE they're low and weak! The ones who were sent to their lives are just volunteers.

If you're one of these people that have lived like this, but deep down you can't take it anymore; want help, want to change? Look what God has for you:

"Don’t change yourselves to be like the people of this world, but let God change you inside with a new way of thinking."

Let's start with the first purpose on February the first, it will be for those people who recognize that they need to do something to change their situation. And that something is to start and not be comfortable with this world, be against the world and reach for Gods perfection. Whoever is willing to be transformed for a new birth (New Beginning), but for this to happen you need to wish for God, wish with all your life and strength!

This purpose will be for those people who don't want THEMSELVES to be directed by their thoughts and do want to have GOD in control of their lives, but it's necessary to sacrifice their flesh; are you willing? Could it be that you're really tired of being that person that you've been, comfortable with the world and when everything is over where's your soul at? Where would it go? Are you tired of being what you are? Then, if you decide to do this with all your strength, to begin leave your whole name to start this purpose, and send an email to: answering the following:

• What has stopped feeding your Faith?
• What has fueled your flesh?

Come back here on January 24 for more information on the purpose.

Translated by Leslie Padilla UCKG Madera, CA

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

What type of behavior should I have When I start to like someone?

Some people confuse infatuation with prayer released. When you are praying for someone or someone is praying for you. It is because you want God to show you if He or She is a faithful person and that is according to the characteristics you are, right? Below is a little list to help:

• First, if you both like each other, it is necessary to seek the Pastor of the Church and explain that there are interests between you two;
• Follow the guidance of the Pastor;
• Observe their behavior, how their spirit, their character, their goals, is and how is their life at day
• What was their life transformation?
• Do not talk on the phone at midnight;
• No sneaking out;
• Do not kiss without the permission of the relationship;
• Be discreet and act by reason;
• Do not make hasty attitudes;
• Do not be led by emotions, after all you are praying to know if they are they right person or not , right?
• It is not normal to be talking about sex or intimacy when you're falling in love, imagine when you are praying (FORGET IT);
• It is not normal to be praying with someone and that person is looking for someone else;
• Observation, is very important : There is no saying that there is no need to pray, or that you are just going by faith; it is a big risk that you are taking and in the end it can lead to disappoint .

Do not let anxiety blind up your eyes, because that happens too many. Saying thus: Ah! Now I am praying with someone, that person appeared , I cannot miss the opportunity and eventually you forget who is in control of your life and you then do not seek God to see if this person is for you or not .

When there is confirmation from God, right away comes the authorization for the relationship, without forcing the bar, all goes well at the right time. The person who follows the teachings of Scripture, they fear for their salvation, because a bad choice will be marked for the rest of your life.

"To obey is better than sacrifice” (1 Samuel 15:22)

Aline Almeida - Texas

Translated by Lisset A. Vargas - UCKG Madera, CA

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Day 4 + Of God and nothing of comfort! What has been lacking in your routine?

Do you know that our mind also affects our body? And that our spiritual condition has effects in our health condition and vice versa?

Let’s understand: “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.” Proverbs 17.22

Our spiritual attitudes and behavior and physically shows what have passed through our minds!

For many people the Word of God is just a book like the others, that’s why is so normal leaving the Word of God to read at the end of the day and sometimes it doesn’t happen, or they read fast. Oh, there are too many duties! The anxiety and lack of organization takes part of your life and what were first ends up being last and you don’t have the strength to meditate in the Word of God. However, to download this conscience, you quickly look at the Bible or takes out a promise, reads tons of blogs posts without meditating and it’s done, you post this on your social networks for everybody to see that you read the Bible, then you supposing are taking care of your spiritual life, and your day? You have finish. Well, you’re finished for God, right? Oh but your desires can hold a little longer! Even dying of tiring and late at night, you are on the internet and catching with what’s late and your spirit? Every time you are oppressed by what you feed (unnecessary info, pure trash!)

It doesn’t work! Your spiritual and physical life is only going to be healthy if you put the Word of God first to stand up! A lot of people wants more of God, have a success in their love life, spiritual etc…, but they put God to the last! How come they can keep saying that they have done everything and God hasn’t done anything and He hasn’t? Let’s be realistic!

 Your life with God has their ups and downs because you haven’t put God in the first place or you put God last and at the end, when you have “your time with God” you give it to the internet, you think: “Ah, I worked hard today, I need a distraction!” Your desires are so spoiled and addicted to unworthily things!

Until when you are going to be distracted and having your spiritual life falling?

Today, you are going to make a vow with God, to everyday wake up and the first thing you are going to do is to talk to God and read His Word and meditate before doing anything else! If you have difficulties to wake up earlier, remember your partner in this purpose to wake up each other with an alarm. You are going to quit the 5-minutes of sleep in the morning to hear what God has to say! Post what God talked to you in the first day and then share it every day with your partner what you read during this purpose.

If you want the best of God and you can’t have the minimum to meditate in His Word above all, then you need to want it! Is necessary to face that comfort the devil has put!

You are way smarter than your desires, then my friend show it that you are capable, you are the one dominating and come here the 17th….. We are not giving that opportunity to the devil!

"A servant that has the same characteristics as God does not only do His work, but overall, His will."