Monday, February 6, 2012

Good vs. Bad Eyes

At last... what does it mean to have good eyes?

We live life thinking badly of others, seeing flaws in everyone, not being able to trust anyone... now when you come to church you find out that in order to become a virtuous woman you need to have good eyes... now what?

Well... On top of praying you need to change your thoughts and actions... it all depends on that... if you see a situation and decide to look at the good side, you will have good eyes.

This is how it works: first you "SEE" then come the "BAD" eyes, then you react with "GOOD" eyes... below are some examples...

SEE - She's very well dressed
BAD - She's stuck up, she wants to call attention
GOOD - She took some time getting ready and she looks really pretty


SEE - She's very messy
BAD - She's dyslexic
GOOD - She didn't have time to get ready today, she must've worked a lot


SEE - She's speaks seriously
BAD - She unsympathetic
GOOD - She's reserved and must be concentrating on something


SEE - She didn't say hi
BAD - She's snobby
GOOD - She might have not seen or remembered me


SEE - She is speaking with a group (being the center of attention)
BAD - She thinks she's all that
GOOD - She's bold and has the spirit of a leader


SEE - She is not leading just helping
BAD - She's a softy
GOOD - She's a servant, she does her best no matter what it is


You see... those are a few examples... you can continue this list day by day... when a situation or something you hear brings bad thoughts, beat them with good eyes.

Strive and ask God to help you and you will see a big change!

Source: Espaço Feminino - Força Jovem Paraná

"A servant that has the same characteristics as God does not only do His work, but overall, His will."