Monday, December 23, 2013

Day 3 + Of God and Nothing of comfort! Is time to abandon your best friend!

Are you ready to know who that is?

She has made many people make less from what they can do!

The laziness

Observe what the Word of God warns to those who have the sticky friend:
“Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise: Which having no guide, overseer, or ruler, Provideth her meat in the summer, and gathereth her food in the harvest. How long wilt thou sleep, O sluggard? When wilt thou arise out of thy sleep? Yet a little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to sleep: So shall thy poverty come as one that travelled, and thy want as an armed man.” Proverbs 6. 6-11.

How to change that? Where do you get the strength to face the monster (the sticky friend)?

 The laziness makes people to lose their healthy and spiritual life, the people starts getting slow, convince that they are never going to be capable to unleash so many knots, it is wrapped in the life of the people like a spider that weaves threads and yarns around something to eat it later, until the spider has laziness, BELIEVE ME!

Is like that; if you look around and see many things to be transform, you feel incapable to change all this in your life with God, IS A SIGN THAT THE SPIDER HAS’NT BEING SWALLOWED UP! Oops, wake up before that spider comes to eat you!

You need to CHANGE THE BELIEFS THAT YOU HAD BEFORE. Could be that you are really lazy? From where does that idea come? How come you ended up believing you are like that?

Well, to change that belief, you don’t to organize from today to tomorrow all your life, believe me! What you need in your life are new references that say YES YOU ARE CAPABLE!

Today you are going to make all the things you want to change in your life if didn’t have the sticky friend-laziness! Write all, without fear and put in the comments; after choose one of those things, just one. And it doesn’t have to be the most difficult! In other words, choose a challenge THAT YOU ARE WILLING TO PERFORM. This is important! What you decide to make is something that you are capable to do. Make a deadline. Leave the other for later and concentrate in the first change; like if it is the only thing you have to do.

Come here again where we are going to have a compromise that we are going to start doing, it will be our priority.

Remember that every time that you accomplish something from your list, that sticky monster is going to receive  a small stab, something inside of you is going to say: “ Look, I promised and I WAS ABLE TO FULFILL! I’m not so lazy like before! This feeling makes you continue with new challenges. Attention! If you hear a voice smelling like chocolate, don’t disturb yourself, does the laziness want your attention. Keep what you conquered (it won’t work if you continue having a messy life) and plot another aim.

The laziness can only be overcome like that, step by step, as someone focusing to walk on a rope, with concentration and without leisurely. Is a secure movement and with a constant free direction to be who you really are. Take away that sticky friend and have the reason as your new ally, to have + of God.

You will not let the monster continue wrapping you, are you?

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Day 2 + Of God and Nothing of comfort! Prepare yourself! You have a sticky friend!

A lot people have had a friend that brought them to the wrong path, and worst of all is that they don’t notice. That friend is very sticky and disgusting and maybe she is stick to you, stopping you from making a different move, causing problems in your life!

This sticky has done that is delivered and this according to "leave to one side", having to deal later with the inevitable guilt of having betrayed yourself.

If you are one of those people that have everything for later, to the last minute and you feel that you have to finish something but you can’t, look to the sly back and see if you don’t have a sticky rubber and dirty on your feet? The greater the delivery for that friend sticky, more will tied up in life!

This friend has magic powers able to disturb everyone. It has the power to make your responsibilities stuck, and that the disorder grows around you and it neutralizes your faith. The decisions of life are being proposed, the opportunities (so precious to have + of God) end up to be dissipated and after a time you lose capacity to believe that you can change the messy panorama around you.

Therefore, you feel more and more away from everything you need to be transformed and first of all to the things of God and one more time you allow your sticky friend convinces you to start tomorrow or maybe on Monday or in her favorite day!

Oh, I forgot to tell! This friend has 12 smelling feet like hot chocolate, counts as the softy of a blanket in a cold day, it dress-up like the arm of a lovely family member, whisper to your ear magic solutions that doesn’t require too much effort. Oh I would like to have those superpowers! Ha-ha. You don’t?

Do you know who that is?

Leave it in the comment below that do you think is and come again tomorrow to check it out…

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Day 1 + of God and NOTHING of comfort! Waking her up!

"Women carefree rise up and listen! Daughters, who feel so complacent, pay attention to what I have to say! You feel so confident, in little more than a year will tremble; because the harvest will fail, and it will not come harvest. Women carefree, smite! You feel so complacent, please to tremble! Strip off; briers yes please clothes of mourning." Isaiah 39: 9-11

When God calls our attention with a strong word, is not to condemn us but to warn us, because in this verse we see that God is giving us an order saying: Wake up women who are carefree and listen to my voice.

How come? Were they physically lain down? No! They were spiritually lain down; they were trusting in their salvation, but at the same time they were lying to their selves.

God give us time to react and change our behaving, for our own good! The comfort has taken us to be far away from God, distracted with worldly things, I’m going to give a few examples:

Soap operas, laziness or desire in not being attach to a spiritual purpose, gossip, bad eyes, bad thoughts, being unfaithful in the vows and compromises with God, backbiting, rancor, bad behaving, worldly attitudes, jealously, envy, using inappropriate and provocative clothes; well there are so much things that  put sad the Holy Spirit.

Let’s put a finish to it!

When I was an assistant I received another assistant to stay at my house for a few days, I noticed that she watched a soap opera in the evening meeting, I remembered that I put my uniform on and she was still in the couch, completed into the soap opera, I asked her: “You are not going to church? You are not going to change?”

She responded: “No, I’m staying.”
I went to the church and when I came back, she was already sleeping. How sad seeing someone losing too much time!
It was night of liberation, there were so many people who needed help, and how can a person get to this level?

She was a person tied, nothing worked for her! She never stayed at a job, she never had a place to live, she was always moving, from house to house, and she wasn’t organized, her room was a disaster and her dirty clothes were a lot, she loved sleeping late, and she would always think about her love life. Now she is in the world, alone, with her life tied, with a sad face, getting old. But the root of it is that she didn’t have an active spiritual life.

I learned the following: if you don’t overcome the spiritual world, you are not going to overcome the physical world, everything you overcome in the spiritual world. That’s the reason why so many women inside of church are frustrate, because they are waiting that everything would come free and by magic; and that is never going to happen, you can sit and wait because God doesn’t make magic!

Do you want a change? Fight! Because who is in the fight is there to win! Who fights never thinks to give up, is going for all or nothing, doesn’t accept to lose, being humillated by the world. We are going to prepare a burlap (sackcloth) and we are going to humble ourselves all week, we are going to follow the Holy Orentation; but is to humble yourself, because it won’t make sense to put on the sackcloth and stay quite thinking in other things, thinking about giving up. Let’s hate our spiritual situation, we are going to be with you, we are in the same fight! And your victory is going to be ours.

In the midnight we are going to put on the sackcloth and we are going to humble ourselves during this purpose, let’s do it for 2 times a week, let’s separate Monday and Tuesday, to be humble and to call the attetion of our God.

Fabiane Cunha

Sunday, December 15, 2013

+ Of God and nothing of comfort!

We have received emails and have talked to people that has a lot of time in church, but are empty…. People, who have a lot of responsibilities, talk very well about Jesus by what they hear, but they don’t have any of God’s inside of them. People who does everything right, they are responsible, good people, who have a huge faith but at the same they are mix with a lot of doubts and evil thoughts; They are people who are hanging by a thread and let themselves be carried away by what they see, hear and talk about.

They have faith to be the best at what they are doing, but they don’t have faith to protect the most valuable treasure which is the Salvation, they can’t see it as the most important thing in their lives; the victorious are the ones who can remain and don’t save all the world and loses their salvation.

This month we are going to still be working to have + of God, we are not going to accept to be in the church depending in the faith of others, we are not going to accept be on top of the wall; ENOUGH! Is the moment to get out of the spiritual comfort zone! Is time to wake up from that routine that hasn’t take you to have the most precious thing which is the New Birth, your life with God, this routine has just pleased your will, Isn’t?

Is time to concentrate in what really matters, if you are tired to be the same as others, going in and out from church and nothing happens, year through year the same way, you can’t finish  anything in your life; is time for you to change your routine, making things the other way! Change to the opposite direction!

This purpose is not for everyone; make these questions and have the feet on the ground in the time to answer so this purpose is not just another purpose that would not bring results:

Are you already really tired of suffering? OR have you been able to manage and live with the problems and your will?

Are you willing to break your routine and habits that you only have done your will and not the will of God?

Have you been considered in truth that your priority in life is the new birth? Having + of God inside you?

Your answers to these questions will be the response if this purpose is truly for you or not; it really is, you will not be the same!

If you are willing to have + God, here are the instructions:

Talk to God and expose everything that has distanced you from Him. After, leave the comments of your spiritual routine, do not be shy! Break the habit of showing something that you are not!
Look for a partner to make this purpose with you. Invite her to help you and you will help her, please leave your name and hers here.

Come back here on Tuesday ;-)

"A servant that has the same characteristics as God does not only do His work, but overall, His will."