Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Day 6 + of God - of me: Diet to eliminate the extra weight

How do you know you're overweight?

When you put on your favorite clothes and BUM! You look at yourself in the mirror and see extra weight. You don’t want it, but is there, preventing you to look good with your favorite clothes. Another way to find out is with your health, you feel tired, heavy, with a lot of anxiety that makes you eat a lot and… when you notice this is making part of your body, immediately you think in a diet or you try to start on a Monday (For some this Monday never comes) and time is passing and you are only accumulating weight and your pleasure for eating and not doing exercise turns normal and not a necessity. You find ways! You buy larger clothes, you make a radical diet to lose weight but only for that week when you have a special event, clothes to go out to a place and that’s it. It comes and you not even care and you live life like this, but you have no idea how much damage you are making to the temple of the Holy Spirit. Only when something serious happen you will understand how much care you need to have for your body.

You can apply this with the spiritual life, you start accumulating extra weight that can damage your life and you try to adapt to it.

What can be that extra weight? Bad thoughts, bad eyes, insecurity, inferiority, addictions to internet, TV, novelas, games, talking bad about people, gossip, fleshly desires and etc… Are some of the things that affect our spiritual life, but sometimes is not helpful just to know it, they have to be eliminated! When we have them is a fatigue to talk to God and know Him through His word, you can’t finish a purpose, you always have excuses to everything and to everyone, you have ups and downs, a lot doubts and you are easily influence by your emotions.

The extra weight apparently doesn’t look so bad, but it can destroy our spiritual life completing and in the future we can lose our salvation.

Do we start a diet?

For now on and all Fridays, we are going to make a fast (not eating or drinking anything), so God can gives us the strength to be free from the extra weight. It is going to be a seven-hour fast (Choose an hour to start), during this fast, you are going to be in spirit, you are going to read the bible, have God on your mind, you are going to be humble and etc… and to complete, you are going to participate in the deliverance prayer at your church, in the first row, You are going to ask God to set you free from all that! If you are an assistant, go in that purpose with your uniform, telling Him that you are going to give all of you in the meeting, but that you also what your deliverance.

See you tomorrow…

"A servant that has the same characteristics as God does not only do His work, but overall, His will."