Friday, October 4, 2013

Day 8 + of God – of me: Pull out of your suitcase what is in excess!

Since I moved to the United States, I always carry my three suitcases (they are with me from 7 years ago) and also some bags that enter in the car… every month I verify all I have and if I have excessive clothes and etc… If this happens, I take what I don’t use anymore, I give it to someone or if it is in a bad condition I throw it in the trash. You know why? I don’t like to have a lot things; first, because it is horrible to travel with heavy luggage, I stressed and you really don’t need to much things, generally it depends in the place, I went to cold places and I got really nice winter clothes, but then the wind took us to a hot place, Do you think I took the winter clothes? No! I just took two sweaters and the rest? I gave it to the wife who would stay in my place because she didn’t have any. And I live like this ha-ha, always watching if I have excessive things because when the wind blows I’m ready and everything becomes easier and faster for the arrival of the new mission .

We all have a life suitcase too… of all good and bad experiences that we pass through it stays something in the suitcase… But is good to give a deep clean, so we do not have too many things that can hide our path and especially our walk with God. I usually do that with my spiritual suitcase, every time we have the Lord's Supper is the day that I check to see if there is something in excess within me and so I am ready for salvation.

But today we don’t have the Lord’s Supper. But I give you an advice to be in the same rhythm as me if you want… Today is Sunday! We consider it the Lord’s Day, the most important day of the week, the day that we put ourselves in the presence of God, this day are neither other, nor the day we dress normal and is necessary to have this on our mind when we go to His House. You need to be with your suitcase without excess and well organized for this journey, once you do this, His arrival will be quick to meet your Lord and you will have no problems because you're always ready to have him increasingly and always enjoy this trip.

Today before going to your Lord’s House, you will see which is the excess that has your suitcase of life ... perhaps it is a sin for which has been asking God for forgiveness and always falls in the same... or may be that  resentment, hate, etc.. Something that already happened but that you still keep… everything that is within you that is excessive or even you think: “Aah, it is no longer there anymore,” But your conscience accuses you and tells you that yes, this also!

Take out what has excesses in your spiritual suitcase! Go to your bathroom or your bedroom and take it out, ask God for help! For Forgiveness! Speak to Him in a way you have never spoke, even if your heart wants to put tricks on you, listen to your mind (conscience) and then go to your Lord’s House and seek for Him like never before! After the meeting is over if you want to talk to your Pastor about your excess in your spiritual suitcase, don’t doubt it! And eliminate everything in order for you to be ready for the Salvation!

I want to know about you, How’s your experience with this purpose? Leave your comment below because we will read it with lots of love and the Holy Spirit is also going to give us direction to write in the next days through you… Do you know what our intention is with this purpose? Is about building warrior women! Independent in their faith! So they can have the sensibility to listen to God’s Voice! And beyond all women born from God!

I count with your collaboration :-)

"A servant that has the same characteristics as God does not only do His work, but overall, His will."