Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Day 5 + of God – of me: Don’t waste time!

If you are single or dating prepare your heart!

You know the expressions: “Aw, he is so cute!” “Is time for you to find someone,” “You need someone to be complete!” It will be that someday I will marry and I will be happy? The heart launches these thoughts and you not even realize and Bum! It speaks and speaks, filling your head with illusions, all to distract and confuse you, and is there when they come the doubts and insecurities.

I will tell you an experience ... When I arrived to church, I was going out with someone; this person did not want to have anything to do with God, nor with me, I went to church alone and he only came to pick me up after the meeting, in the first week, I gave an end to this!

When he came to find me I told him: “I don't want to spend more time with you! I am looking for God and is not good that I stayed with you and you only pick me after every meeting,” Do you know what happened? He laughed at me; he believed he was the best! And he thought it was a joke, but no! I was determined, I had always be determined, even when I was suffering (that was not the case because I didn't love him), I was willing to forget a relationship of 1 year and 6 months that it was over, but I was suffering, he distracted me and I was beginning in my faith; but I kept going .

I made a pact with God and I told him, "Lord, I do not accept any disappointment in my love life, don't let anyone depress my heart again, and only shall enter into my heart who the Lord chooses.”

I was ready to protect my heart, and only using the reason I was going to get it, and I had to take some attitudes and different manners, one of them was: If some guy would come to me with other intentions, I would avoid talking to him, or if I knew that I was going to be alone in a room with a guy I would get out ... Do you know why?

There was once a young man who was very interesting in me, one day he took my hand, and sat down next to me, I tie that feeling, I removed his hand and I left immediately from the situation, but he always was looking for ways to be in the same place that I was, then I tied this feeling and I was dealing with the things of God, I went out to evangelize or cleaned something in the church, I did not waste my time.

In the meetings of the church I sat away from him and I always put my eyes on the altar. To the most daring, offered to pray with me, I told them: “Only after you find my pastor and tell him about your feelings for me, then I will think about it.” And you know what happened? They fled, and thank God for that! This showed me that they did not want anything serious with me and I was tired of being used. I would find ways not to feed feelings for a man, when they came, I tied those thoughts and I would think God’s things. Thoughts come at any moment, and the heart? He wants to scream! You can’t feed your heart, because the heart doesn’t know anything! He only feels….. Is necessary to listen to the reason, it has to be your ally.

Today you are going to tie the voices of your heart making a pact. You are going to cut any kind of relationship you have with men that disturbs your heart, this is also for those who don’t feel anything for them, but they have feelings for you. Avoid being in the same room and being alone with them, cut, and put an end to these feelings and the only way to overcome is not feeding this feeling.

If you are dating someone but this makes you away from God, find the Pastor of your church and explain what is happening, tell him everything! I’m sure he is not going to judge you, I say this from experience, he is going to give advices because you are going to be honest, nothing bad is going to happen because God trust in honest people, Ok.  

Fabiane Cunha.

"A servant that has the same characteristics as God does not only do His work, but overall, His will."