Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Day Three + of God – of me: Stay away from it!

Today’s Challenge is also going to hurt me J

There one thing that I like a lot and it influences me very easy….. It starts with a beautiful impression, romantic, happy, funny and Bum! When you notice, all your body and mind are obeying. It is everywhere! It makes you happy, sad, excited, mad, and aggressive and sometimes we can find it in the place we are, but are in our minds and we turn away from God.

You know what it is? I think all of you agree with me when you know…

Today’s challenge is going to be a real challenge! We are not going to listen to worldly music until we finish the 21 Days.  May be you may ask… But how can I do that? There’s worldly music everywhere! I’m going to flee how?

I’m going to give you some tips:
Use your cellphone, I pad, IPod, IPhone and everything (Really?) Lol or an mp3 and listen to Christian songs or you can also listen to the friend word of Bishop Macedo, and podcasts of Mrs. Cristiane Cardoso.
Place the application of the "Alleluia" network or application of the UCKG;
What about learning a new language? Search for the songs of the UCKG in different languages.

Stay in the spirit of prayer, seek God in your own thoughts (I did this a lot when I rode in a minibus in SP, in the crowded vans and the radio to loud playing funk);

Train your mind and body in order to be in tune with God in the midst of this distraction is so dangerous  the music and you will see what are you capable of!

"A servant that has the same characteristics as God does not only do His work, but overall, His will."