Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Second Training Session: The real intention behind social networks…

One day I met a young assistant that had a Facebook page, and I was shocked, let me explain why…

I received a friend request of an assistant and I saw a picture of her in the past that she had been tagged in, and when I saw I realized it was another assistant, only that her name was different on her Facebook page, she had a different last name, the one she was known by the world before knowing Jesus and becoming an assistant, lol, it was a last name that had a vulgar meaning.

I went on her page and she had pictures of her past in bathing suits, pictures showing her cleavage, pictures that were quite vulgar, pictures that were left to be viewed by anyone; those pictures didn't even show Jesus even by a far distance!

She would always post photos showing her face and parts and cleavage, with her belly showing, and I asked, why? Why does a woman have to expose her body on the internet? What is she really trying to show people? What is she looking for? I called her to speak but all she changed was the name on the profile and the photos continued the same way as before. 

I realized that the world was inside of her and that's why it was necessary to expose her self, to call attention, but at what price?

You need to think:

When people see you… what is the first impression they get? Perhaps, they'll be able to find Jesus? Can it be that they can see the light of Jesus in you?

What do you pass to people when you post a picture on your profile?

What's the purpose when you place a picture so other people can see? 

When we are of God we don't care about calling attention to our body parts, that's what matters lease, we are not a piece of meat but a light in this world!

If you want + of God… you'll analyze your picture and if you have sensual pictures that are exposing, you'll delete them, after all, you now have a light to show, you don't need to use the weapons of this world to call people's attention, you no longer need that! Now what you want is + of God and - of the world. 

Fabiane Cunha

"A servant that has the same characteristics as God does not only do His work, but overall, His will."