Monday, July 28, 2014

I want to be a spiritual mother - Part 4

We have delayed this subject since it's something many don't know about the true role we have, the true responsibility that we have with God... once you practice it, other than multiplying the amount of people of God, strong and faithful, saved... you also receive the best that comes from God.

This past Sunday I was able to feel a bit of God's pain, the pain we don't even realize existed - the pain of seeing a servant that could be used to save others, but because of their personal interests, ends up being used to send souls to hell, all because of a responsibility before man... Honestly, after knowing about this, it doesn't matter what you see or hear, remember: your soul is most important than all your abilities! Man makes mistakes, God doesn't, place your life in God's hands, these are true hands, hands of the Father... even if some make come trying to judge you based on what you did because of immaturity, remember: Jesus forgave you! If He forgave you who am I or the others to point a finger towards you?

After that, I thought about this all day, I cried, I felt a little of God's pain, because imagine how many people in the world are struggling to start all over? And how many spiritual mothers instead of helping in this moment, have set aside the souls who repented and want to have a fresh start? How many souls in the church are an "ex" this or an "ex"that, who stumbled, fell and is now fighting, not only against hell but also against the judgements and negative words of spiritual mothers (servants), who have not done their role, their please is in feeling better, feeling holier than others and for what? It's really sad what's happening nowadays.

Conceiving a child physically is already hard, imagine conceiving a spiritual one?

A spiritual mothers is capable of donating her life, taking drastic decisions with her own will in order to save her children.

Your existence is an act of love. Conceive, take care of, nourish. Love, love, love... and love with an unconditional love that expects nothing in return! Infinite affection!

Ahhh, these jewels are rare, and are lacking in the days of today... Let us seek to become this spiritual mother... How? Only when we stop worrying about what we want and listen to the voice of God... once this happens, your eyes will open, your attitude will change.

Being a spiritual mother is letting your self be touch by the hands of God!

Friday, July 4, 2014

I want to be a spiritual mother - Part 3

Sometimes you may ask yourself: what am I good for? What value do I have? Why doesn't God use me more? Why don't I see good fruits in my life?

Could it be that you've stopped playing doing your role of being a spiritual mother? Have you stopped doing what you could do with God's direction because you realize that no one will be there to praise your work? Can you really be thinking you're on the right track? God wants to use you so much, but you need to stop and think! You have to turn to God and do what He wants, not what you want.

You are valuable and have a purpose. The presence of each one of you influences life around you; you are bringing changes to this world. That being said, this must not be your main focus. You cannot focus on others to make the difference! The secret is that each one of you has to focus on yourselves, on your relationship and life with God. As you fill yourself with loving awareness, an acceptance of who you are and what your role (spiritual mother), you create the channel through which the light (God) comes to you easily and automatically flows to others too. You just have to pay attention to yourself, to fulfill your purpose here on Earth.

Being a spiritual mother is much more than talk, talk and preach, preach, so much more... it's believing that that child will be born for God and it doesn't matter his current situation, you must have patience and perseverance, and understand the plan of God, the time of God, even if at times you feel like giving up on that soul, but you must keep conceiving it with all your strength...

"My little children, for whom I labor in birth again until Christ is formed in you..." Galatians 4:19

Thursday, June 19, 2014

I want to be a spiritual mother - Part 2

Why are many spiritual mothers (servants) being selfish?

First, let's look at the definition of selfish in the dictionary: lacking consideration for others; concerned chiefly with one's own personal profit or pleasure.

Have you heard a saying that says there's always room for one more in a mothers heart? Very well, the heart of many spiritual mothers has been closed for some time now! They're in a hurry! Yes, they're in a hurry to conceive, hurry to give birth and because of this, the spiritual children have been premature and weak, for they have other things to do, and those other things make them well-known.

Selfishness has brought many to the point of not having a mother's heart... patience to create has been lost, many think that souls come to church and it's already time to make them (to the extreme) like themselves, they impose their way of being and doing, they are unnatural mothers, giving solid food and forgetting that the souls are still children, spiritually speaking, and they lack patience to prepare the spiritual milk they need. It is the plain mothers that give their spiritual children everything in a plain way, for their life is in a hurry and there's many things to do, so, it's better to give something that's already made (directions from third parties) than to give what she could, if she was linked to the Fountain of life - The Lord Jesus.

I ask you now, "Mother, do you remember how long it took you to know God? Remember the patience that a mother (servant) had with you? Do you remember how many times you almost gave up before having an encounter with God and, that servant was always patiently caring, to not let you return to the devils hands?"

Very well, this happens many times, right? I say this for myself, there were so many high's and low's before I knew God, if it wasn't for these spiritual mothers, I would not be here.

Perhaps your on top of all your responsibilities with people, with your career and you're up to date with everything around you... but can it be that you're not fulfilling your responsibility with God?

Remember that our role is to conceive spiritual children, but for that to happen it's necessary to understand that to conceive, we need to be healthy, spiritually speaking.

They say that a mother is a person that raises the child and not the one that just gives birth, right? Very well, in the spiritual life it's the same, many gave birth to premature and weak spiritual children and now they're out there lost, I hope that they can find women (strong mothers) to raise them.

I hope you decide to become a Real Spiritual Mother today... God is looking for them!

Friday, June 13, 2014

I want to be a spiritual mother - Part 1

"And they said to him, "Thus says Hezekiah: 'This day is a day of trouble and rebuke and blasphemy; for the children have come to birth, but there is no strength to bring them forth." (Isaiah 37:3)

I kept thinking about this verse and thought came to my mind: There are children to be born, but there are no women to give birth!

Around us there are many spiritual children waiting to be born... but not all women of God (servants) have had the strength to give birth... why?

Because there is no more worry in first place with their soul, being so, there is no worry to create spiritual children... the only worry they have is to show results: a lot of people, services and perfection.

Many women live in a competition within themselves, where they have to constantly be compared with others, they have to be better than them, they have to be the best, but why? To show that you're strong? That you are of God?

Don't be fooled! The ministry of a servant of God is to generate spiritual children, and not be known by everyone as an awesome women of God, what for? If in reality for God you're spiritually barren before God.

Have you seen around how many children are weak and premature, spiritually speaking? It has been because you have not been assuming your spiritual responsibility.

We have many lost children in the church because the spiritual mothers are worried with their chores and haven't realized the children that are dying spiritually.

Do you want to be a spiritual mother??? Stop being selfish then! Look for strength in the Word of God, and He will give you all you need to generate spiritual children.

I leave with you this warning...

Friday, June 6, 2014

Souls or things?

Have you noticed that the days feel shorter? The streets have more cars? Everyone is always in a hurry, but still, it's as if time is lacking. Lunch is fast and thoughts are filled with guilt. What about our health? When we stop and look at this world's disorder and perceive that technology is primarily what makes us to be in more of a hurry.

What about rest? Privacy? We're linked to a way that easily leads to stress. It's complicated to get out of it, right?

That's what I came across when I went to Brazil last week... It had been 8 years since I've been out of the country and, there were several people stressed out in the streets, shops, places and even in church. My husband and I have the habit of greeting and complimenting everyone we see and, you know what happened in Brazil? People looked at us with an expression as though saying: These people are from another planet!

Why all this? Where is the stress coming from? You know what I realized? People are more and more dis-motivated and unsatisfied with their jobs and studies! The long hours at work or staying at a job for a long time has been affecting their style and quality of life. I was sitting down on a bench and heard an employee anxiously complaining to a customer in a loud voice that she couldn't take the job anymore and had been sick for a lot of worrying and outside I saw two more instances of employees complaining with customers.

The question is: Why is this also happening with those who are supposedly of God??? Why do they arrive to church stressed out, worried about dealing with their responsibilities, running, and forgetting to give attention to others? They're good assistants, servants and members, they do everything correctly, they're always present for the groups attendance and responsibilities... but they've forgotten to give attention to the souls.

We cannot allow the stress of this world to enter in our lives, if God is inside of us, we should naturally pass peace, confidence and faith, right?

I went to a few of our churches and saw when a new person came to church, no one went up to them asking if they needed something... I went to another church where the service had already started and stayed at the door for 5 minutes. There were servants at the door but no one came to speak to me... imagine if I was a person in desperation and I had come here as my last chance?

Souls are the apples of God's eyes, once they are mistreated, it's as if you were mistreating God. If we have God inside of us, it is not things nor responsibilities that will change our attitudes but instead, our attitudes will come from God: joy, peace, simplicity, love and etc. and it will change all those around you... all you need is a smile, a caring, sincere look, a sweet gesture, make them feel valued... Don't think that showing God is just fulfilling your responsibilities perfectly, more importantly it's who you are, and what you pass on to others.

Each one offers what is inside of them.. think about it! It's the reflection of your life... one follows right after the other. What has been your first priority? Souls? Things? Your answer will show you if you're on the right track.

"...for he who touches you touches the apple of His eye." (Zechariah 2:8)

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Day 24 to 28 Unhappy: Be dependent only on your faith!

It's a very common thing today sharing the help that we received with others. It's with the intention of seeing the people conquering and winning, sometimes we help more than we should, we make the work of others easier and this hinders the person in having more experiences with God, have you noticed this? In case of those that receive help, they've been comfortable in seeking help for everything, opinions and advice of other men and women of God has become a habit and, they forget that they can get direction from God directly, without intermediaries. 

I don't want to say that now you won't seek help or help others... in a situation where you need guidance, which you've already sought from God, but it's not really clear, then go in your faith, seek help from people of God, or, if you need to help another person because she needs and wants help, then, go in your faith.

It's clear that goodness and availability are the most beautiful virtues but, we also have to have the wisdom to discern how far we should go. Doing everything for others can make them childish, fragile, helpless and irresponsible for their actions... Isn't this what we've been seeing nowadays? Going even further, maybe you've been acting this way as well?

Obstacles, difficulties and suffering are part of life. Once you face them all, you will grow. Being happy doesn't mean being problem-free but, facing them without falling apart. Some difficulties are true presents.

I want to finish this purpose and leave this advice: in order for you to be strong, of faith, of God and remain protecting your faith, you need to depend on God above all! Fight with Him, trust in Him! And this way, you will be a piece of God in this world.

In order to remain discontented and flee from spiritual relaxation, it's necessary to have this understanding. Perhaps this is one of the things lacking in your life, don't depend on others! Don't try to be the Savior of the world, trying to conquer the battles of others, knowing that they're the ones who have to overcome them.

Can I be sincere? I get muuuuch more happier hearing a person who fought and overcame their difficulties with God than, a person who talks about there problems all the time, knowing what they have to do yet not doing it, they're just seeking others opinions.

I've left below the story of a butterfly that will clarify this issue... I hope this purpose has helped you.

One day a small opening appeared in a cocoon. A man sat down and started to watch the butterfly for several hours, it was struggling to make it's body go through that little hole. Then at one point, it seemed to stop making any progress, it's as though it got as far as it could and would give up on the mission to leave its cocoon. 

So the man decided to help the butterfly. He took the scissors and snipped off the remaining bit of cocoon. The butterfly then emerged easily but her body was limp, small and had withered wings. The man then continued to watch the butterfly because he expected that at any moment the wings would enlarge and expand to be able to support the body, which would contract in time. Nothing happened. In fact, the butterfly spent the rest of its life crawling around with a withered body and shriveled wings. It was never able to fly. 

What that man did in his kindness, willingness to help, did not understand that the tight cocoon and struggle are necessary so that the butterfly can pass through the small opening, it's the way that nature intended so that the fluid inside it's body would go to its wings, that way it would be ready to fly once it became free from the cocoon. 

Whoever tries to help a butterfly leave it's cocoon kills it. 
Whoever tries to help the sprout come out destroys the seed. 
There are certain things that have to happen from the inside out. ~ Rubem Alves

Friday, May 23, 2014

Day 20 to 23 Unhappy: Nobody!

This month we're in the purpose of being unhappy (dissatisfied), where we've been working strongly in our spiritual life. The coming of Jesus is much sooner than what we imagine, and this purpose has been awaking us while there's still time left. People or disconnecting from the world and entering the ark, they're being prepared to meet the Lord Jesus... but once being saved, the natural desire to save comes, that's why we spoke about the salt of the earth so, lets continue, shall we? We spoke about being the salt of the earth... today we'll explore more about that.

Have you ate food without salt? Yeah, it's pretty bad!

Food without salt has no point! Salt makes all the difference... But, when you mix salt in the food, it disappears! No one can see the salt! No one ever compliments salt in the food... no one says "the salt was great!" on a dish. No one ever says, someones salt on a dish is better than anothers. Do you know why? Because it vanishes!

If someone goes against the current, they are also salt. They give flavor but disappear, and the One who appears is God in it. There's a lot of people wanting to be seen but not letting God be seen. They want to be known, labeled as "spiritual" and that's the result of their life with God, their will has prevailed and when they speak about Jesus it sounds automatic, the say and do exactly what other people of God do, God has no more room to speak to them.

God is seeking those who want to be salt of the earth! Those who want to be a nobody! He seeks people that want to disappear, so that He can appear!

From today until the 27th you will save, you will learn to be the salt of the earth, are you ready?

You will serve Him in secret... How? You'll evangelize, speak about salvation, pray for others, you will be attentive during the day to see how you can help someone even if its something simple. You'll do more but won't let the whole world know what you did, it'll be just between you and God.

You will also search about all the signs of the end of times, mainly in the UCKG blogs and you'll post it in your social networks, alerting others about the return of Jesus, many good things will  happen with you and you will see the difference the more you do for God than what you do for man.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Day 14 to 19 Unhappy: Salt of the earth

"You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot." (Matthew 5:13)

Have you ever stopped to think why we're compared to the salt of the earth?

Salt is fundamental for existence: it's used as a preservative, it conserves food and gives it flavor, isn't that true? Salt contains several special qualities and, I'd like to focus on two: firstly, the capability to make the difference and influence other elements, altering its flavor (identity, spiritually speaking) and secondly, the capability to not become contaminated and at the same time stopping other elements from contaminating with the corruption (sin) of this world, making their current states preserved and free from contamination. 

But there's one thing, salt can only fulfill with its full potential if it's diffused and physically mixed with other elements. If salt is purely alone it cannot execute its power and importance!

Being the "salt of the earth" means being discreet and at the same time essential. As a seasoning, salt is indispensable in the preparation of numerous dishes. On one side, without it, food becomes bland and loses flavor. On the other hand, an excess amount of salt can spoil the whole dish, making it inedible. Salt has to be used in a reasonable amount. Alone, it really makes no difference but it's an ingredient that can by no means be substituted. 

What does this have to do with us? A lot!

Being the salt of the earth is being a true Christian, someone who gives flavor, an atmosphere with the presence of a true Christian has to be good, amazing, and as tasteful as possible. When we understand this, we learn to not be shy to show our Jesus to others, we don't 'go with the flow' of this earth... we're simply different!

From today until Wednesday, you will observe your attitudes in front of people around you and will detect attitudes that have been to much, attitudes that have caused a bad testimony and you will eliminate them... you want to be the salt of the earth? You want to save souls? So start by looking inside yourself, working on your bad habits and attitudes and you'll automatically be save souls without being forceful, and the Holy Spirit will work in you and in the ones observing you. 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Day 11, 12 & 13 Unhappy: Love Him irresistibly

"Therefore, my beloved, as you have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling; for it is God who works in you both to will and to do for His good pleasure." (Philippians 2:12-13) 

You can see that the apostle Paul confirms that salvation comes by faith, "work out your own salvation with fear and trembling..." this expresses an aspect of faith, denial, investment and sacrifice (hard work).

Faith is not quick confidence, it's a permanent confidence: lively confidence, wonderful, vigilant. Our salvation is a miracle that God 'works in us' and, that's why it asks for all our attention. Working with 'fear and trembling' is to be conscious that every moment we need to be investing in our encounter with God (like a marriage), at every moment, God is working in us.

Fearing God is, in this way, is loving Him irresistibly!

Denying certain things indicates where our real intention lies, perhaps you can tell me that you've denied several things, but can it be that it was a true surrender? What I mean to say is, was the denial accompanied by fear and trembling? 

We have many Christians that have denied their will in front of men and showed that their pleasure was serving our Lord Jesus in front of them, but deep down inside, they hide their true desires and fleshly wills. The devil throws thoughts and each one is kept and fed, they are "supposed" servants, but alone they satisfy those things which they don't do in front of people, they do this inside their four walls, without fear and trembling.

How much do you love God? You want to know? Analyze yourself and see when you're alone, when you're in front of the computer, on your cell phone, inside of your room, in your restroom, with your boyfriend or an unconverted person... your attitude in these positions reveal how much you love the Lord Jesus, and if you've truly been working with fear and trembling. 

If you conclude that you love irresistibly, congratulations, you're on the right path towards salvation... now, if you saw that your love for God is not genuine, well, it's time to restore it. 

During the next 3 days you will wake up at 3am or 6am to seek the Holy Spirit, you will pour out your soul to Jesus, you'll start working with fear and trembling in your life with God, be in spirit throughout the day, renounce what is hidden or that you still need to surrender, if its necessary confess it to your pastor but don't have that inside you anymore. 

Prove to God how much you love Him, renouncing the world, sacrificing your will and seeking Him with intensity. Start first by investing in your interior, that's where the truth about yourself lies... what you are inside reflects in your outward actions. 

Friday, May 9, 2014

Day 9 & 10 Unhappy: The penny has dropped!

We began this purpose bringing to light the sins and activating you eyes and ears in relation to sin in the world... For many the penny has dropped of the tension that the devil has done by taking people to believe that there's nothing wrong living in sin, that being in the darkness is safer and more pleasurable, you can do what you want, and being in the light requires too much sacrifice, it's not good... this way, he has gotten many souls to hell... but, this purpose is finishing those plans of his, because thank God many people are waking up, and we're not stopping friends! Let's keep moving forward: 

"And whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted." Matthew 23:12

To be humbled means, "putting yourself in your place". When we humble our selves before our God, we perceive our limitations and dependence on Him... He raises us up to Him and places us by his side. This is the secret to enjoy His presence more intensely. Humbling yourself is the key to be raised to the highest place, being taken to the King of Kings, His glory, His all, the plenitude of His presence.

Today and tomorrow before going to sleep you will humble yourself, you'll be raised up to the Highest place, you will know what it is to be in the presence of God, you will enjoy what awaits you, if you remain until the end faithful to God. You will be renewed, if you're not born of God you will be! You will have a marvelous experience with Him in the name of the Lord Jesus!

The time is now, don't waste it, He is right before you waiting for your surrender, don't let this opportunity go by! 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Day 7 and 8 Unhappy: Do you have cockroach blood?

If you found out you swallowed a huge cockroach that had many diseases and it was still inside a part of your body, feeding itself off of you and spreading diseases, would you wait until you 'felt' like getting it out??? Forgive me for being so direct, but this has been happening to many.

Demons and negative attitudes are prospering like parasites in hearts and minds and what's being done to prevent this is so little. The fight to exterminate them is simple tiresome and some prefer to not believe that they are yet not free. Some others would just want someone to use a magical wand and make everything disappear.

This devilish cockroach has been taking advantage of the life of many because their flesh and comfort have become their God. For some reason many have left this god destroy their life and expand the disease, it's much more comfortable than accepting they have problems... How can this be?

The time is now, it's time to fight, time to prepare, time to put your house (heart) in order, use this time to eliminate off the list all the things you know you have to do, deny and sacrifice, it's time to be saved and save... The time today isn't for you to rest! How many demons are probably attacking your life or the life of those around you that have to be dealt with urgently, but you feel very uncomfortable to fight, liking your doubts, in the end, you probably think you have to FEEL like fighting demons, right? Don't be fooled!

Choose to fight, choose to put the devil under your feet that's not just the pastor's job, it's yours! Don't wait for anyone to give you an easy way towards your salvation. It's your fight for your life and somethings will have to be removed, sacrificed today for a better tomorrow.

Today or tomorrow you will make a fast for 7 hours so that God can come and remove this lazy spirit, that spirit that makes you think everything is normal in your life. During this fast be in spirit of revolt and in prayer against comfort, tiredness, things that don't please God and revolt against them, don't let your blood become cockroach blood!

Don't be satisfied with your current spiritual state, never think you're okay... Remember, The little things that you don't do for God become an invitation for big things that they devil will do against you. 

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Day 6 Unhappy : Cold hearts

And because lawlessness (sin) will abound, the love of many will grow cold.

That means people will end up with a cold heart but, do you think this still happens? Lawlessness will grow in this world, and that means that sin will be all around and will be socially accepted, have you seen this happening? 

Society and people in general will love more the darkness than the light. As a consequence, hearts will harden and love will cease. This can be observed in the world and also in the church, right?

Below you'll see God's warning:

For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires,because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers; and they will turn theirears away from the truth, and be turned aside to fables. (2 Timothy 4:3-4)

This purpose is another opportunity God is giving to save you, medidtate on the previous posts today and don't let your love grow cold, save someone today, send a message, call, go to the person if necessary, do this with zeal and fear and you'll see how differen't you'll become! 

Those who are saved want to save, and those who don't unfortunately is being deceived in regards of their salvation. .

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Day 5 Unhappy: Hell is much worse than you and I can imagine

Yesterday we talked about awakening our fear for Salvation , when we fear within us, we're keeping the holiness, we're kept apart for God, but we know that today it's very difficult for people to live apart for God , they want God , but also want to enjoy the world , want to be saved but want to live like unbelievers , want an example ?

It's a shame but it's reality! People who claim to be of God have acted as unbelievers and know where ? In social networks ! Many have recognized that their spiritual life is not the same for all these networks , now I wonder is it a sin to have social networks? Of course not ! I have one ! But I'm not obsessed with them , and I don't live according to what people are posting where I have to look every five minutes in the lives of others , where I live updating what I feel , what I do and where I am , knows what it is? VICE EVIL ! So you do not have time for God! And many have fallen into it .

It's no good if you do not have the courage to sacrifice the vices of the flesh , if you dare to take a single personality , a commitment to God , to live in holiness ... How can God give you His Spirit ? Could he give you a man of God to love you ? Could he choose you for the altar? Honestly no! a person who lives according to their own will is not a trustworthy person . God wants people defined by their decisions , God is not watching their faults, He wants to see if you are set to ship to Him ! Friend you need to realize ! You have not yet reaped God's best because there was not a full surrender towards Him. You have let yourself be carried away by the vices , you have been a lover to this world , and until when?

Hell is much worse than you and I can imagine. See the signs in the present day... to the point of having the courage to live a split personality now and forever be a slave of the devil ? have you ever imagined the devil cutting off your head several times , feeling the pain and not die ? Feel your body burning and being tortured to the point that you launch to death and still not die? And this goes for the rest of your life, forever , that's just a little of what hell offers people who are playing with God , who know the truth about Jesus and still live in lie !

Today, take a moment to make it easy, have fear ! After talking with God and being defined once and for all ! Vomit before God all your vices , lusts and separate yourself from that which has weakened your faith. If you really are tired of being who you are and know that the Lord Jesus returns soon . You would probably then have the courage to leave your lover : the world wake up for your Salvation!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Day 4 Unhappy: Let’s turn your spiritual eyes and ears on to wake up fear!

It has been 9 months since me and my husband were transferred to Oakland-California, to begin the work in English; Oakland is one of the most dangerous cities in the United States, we see a lot of prostitution, drugs, gangs; houses, walls and streets in bad condition and many other things that in the 8 years I have been here in the U.S I have not seen and all of this has increased the fear of my salvation. Do you know how? My spiritual eyes and ears have been active all the time.

I can go to the market or simply be driving, I can be walking in the streets evangelizing or going to the bakery, cleaning the house and hear the news in the radio or the TV, but my spiritual eyes and ears are active all the time, I can be doing something for God or something for me, but it is my spiritual eyes and ear that keep me in the first love with fear and trembling, they warn me not to enter the wave of this world.

The fear of many is asleep, little by little the love has grown cold and the sin has gained power in the lives of many because of distractions and current fashions have led many people to feel good, relaxed, pretty, attractive etc. and with that they have focused on their exterior, in their pleasures and own will, they have forgotten about their interior and their neighbor (SOULS). Their spiritual eyes and ears are not being used and automatically their fear has fallen asleep. Such is the present neglect of others, with the people inside their own house and go beyond our means.
Now do you understand why so many problems in your interior? Where you can’t leave the sin and your faith has been weak; let’s do a test? Let’s turn your spiritual eyes and ears on to wake up fear!

Let’s start, think with me: Have you noticed that people want to look like demons themselves? That the style now is to dress and act like them? People have put their beliefs in the Devil… Have you noticed the lyrics of songs, the dances, the looks, the erotic movements, and a lot of violence? Sin for many is a NORMAL thing to do now. In fact, many are living everything normal in this world!!

The picture above shows examples; hopefully this wakes you up:

Today you are going to activate your spiritual eyes and ears, you are going to be connected to them; you will see and hear things you couldn’t imagine! You will notice that the return of Jesus Christ is close!! Pay very close attention to the attitudes of people that are around you, of what they talk about, of what you see in the streets, pay attention to the lyrics of songs that are getting famous that you like to dance and sing too, and see how you’ve gotten involved!

God will show you things that will spark fear into you. There are days that I cry of rage! Of seeing so many people on the streets being controlled by the devil, I see cold and evil looks, people are no longer masters of their lives, songs that make people violent, who smoke and who are exposed erotically and worse ! Many people who serve God have been carried away by all this, it is a shame! What you will see from today is a bit of hell, but here in this world the devil leads people to have momentary pleasures with those things dirty, but hell be the way he wants-torment people forever!

Hope this purpose I wake up to reality, tomorrow we will be talking more about this.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Day 3 Unhappy: Unimaginable thoughts

We have helped many people through emails and personally with the same questions: Bad thoughts . Today let's clear that up , it might be a little long but pay close attention because it is one of the things that has made many people (and people of God) to put their soul at risk or has even led them to lose their salvation .

Let us understand , what if someone throws a stone, can the reach you? But a bad thought , bad word, a misconduct only reaches if you let it , this permission does not have to be consciously , that there is sufficient affinity between their thought patterns and thinking that is directed toward you.

We are all likely to have unimaginable thoughts! Evil thoughts we never thought of having , or our worst nightmares , and even I had horrible thought that made me ashamed to say them , even being born of God, there is no way to outrun them but there is a way to reject and not accept them.

Why do many people , members, Assistants  ( I ) and even servants who are on the altar filled with the Holy Spirit get from nothing to losing everything including salvation? Why many have not believed in themselves living in high and low ? Why the faith of many has been sickened ? Have you noticed that many today are living with depression , living in a big anxiety , reaching the point where your heart races and suddenly seems like it's going to stop? People are anxious and empty because they fail to be the best , outstanding , which grow and so on. , Etc ... is not it?

All this begins with evil thoughts, and many of you were doing something right ! Advancing in God's time , but suddenly the devil threw a thought like: You are getting old , there are men missing in the world , is it that you can't be happy with another woman? Look around it's normal ... Ahh , there is no problem to chat on Facebook with unbelievers about sex, on the other hand , it's just a conversation and nothing else ... You have no testimony , you were born at church and do not know the taste of a cigarette! You should try it , leave from church for a week and do whatever you feel like doing and then return to church ... Hey girl masturbate ! At least you 're not prostituting with anyone ... Look! The man of God is watching you , likes you, he is suffering with his wife , you are so young, so full of God that you could help , you two would make a good couple.

Thoughts of that kind so low that the devil has thrown and where many have fallen into your net . Do you know why ? Because many are in the world ! Surrounded by things of the world ... I remember : the world is the evil one! When the devil throws a bad thought , the person who is in the world automatically binds with things and situations around her, though she says it's tied ! But the seed is there, in the heart , being watered by the suggestions of the media, of the unbelieving friends and the environment in which she lives , then she begins to see a possibility in the absurdity that the devil offers , against her nature it can be real again, because the answer of God is taking too long and not a lot of time passes for her to give birth to this evil thought .

If this has happened it's because your mind is still dwelling with the devil, and he is making the party! Because you are more comfortable to be guided by the pleasure of his will , believing the devil's lie rather than the truth of God ... WAKE UP FRIEND ! His change starts in your mind! I fought those bad thoughts , fighting those bad thoughts every second ! It makes no sense to confess having bad thoughts , you have to hate them, fight and go up against them ... How much time have you wasted confessing them ? Imagine if you had used that time to fight them , start now! Stop complaining ! The kingdom of heaven is taken by violence and not feeling sorry for it !

Another thing is the atmosphere that you're in and with whom you speak, what kind of conversations you have . . . If I'm in a group or talking to someone about food ( it is one of my favorite conversations) , but I'm not hungry , talking about various types of food, sweets , chocolates, and so on , I'll start thinking and soon I'll be verrrrry hungry, then go straight to the kitchen or a place to buy something, I'll do something to kill the hunger, I gave birth to what was on my mind , and the same thing happens with any theme, if you starts talking about sex, dating, attending strong scenes ... and there it goes ... whatever it is the thoughts come soon , you start to imagine things, even Spirit-filled but if you accept it , Bum ! You give birth! You search the Internet , so secretly , because you accepted the thought, you left the Holy Spirit aside and when you realize , you fell and lost the most precious thing : your communion with God.

Today you will do a prayer of rebellion! You will expel the devil from your mind and ask God to show you the rooms , people, etc. . that carry your thoughts to hell who often give birth and stay in your mind cluttering your life with God, from now on every second you'll anger against any rotten thought that come to mind , not to stay more with whining or feeling sorry for yourself, it's time to show that you were chosen by God beginning with your mind!

Stop believing the lies of the devil ! Better start believing in what God has to offer!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Day 2 Unhappy: What is your true intention?

God I weighed in the scales of justice and recognize my integrity!

Now a days what we see and perceive is an inversion of values, people are getting more anxious and preoccupied with so many things and are indifference with the things of God.

We see more anxious people from what it looks like and very few trying to please God.

I remember when I started in the church I had a strong need to know God, to know more about his will and how to please him; what could I do to get his attention. Now a days people want to see if God meets their needs, they want to be blessed in their love life, want to be prosper, they want to be important and to be recognized, and I see nothing wrong with that. On the contrary I think its really good.

But all of that its just seen as a persons first desire; rather than people wanting to have an encounter with God. People who want all that and have never had an experience with the Holy Spirit, people being full of themselves and are just completely being focused on their own benefits and dreams.

"Therefore do not worry, saying 'What shall we eat?' or 'What shall we drink?' or 'What shall we wear?' For after all these things the Gentiles seek. For your heavenly father knows that you need all things. But seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you." - Matthew 6:31-33

What is your true intention? Ask yourself this!
Could it be that I want to please God? Or I just want him to do what pleases me? Where have I his strength and his will? Who do I want to impress? Who do I want to please?

First to please God you must hate your life because most times what we want is not what God wants.

Want to draw the attention of God? Fight against your own wills, fight against the will of the world and the desires of your heart, hear only the voice of God! It will not be easy, but it is beginning to being on the right track.

God is most interested to bless you with the presence of Him in your life, He wants everyone to know that the he chose you and that he is with you.

Are you willing to honor and serve him?

Check your values and what you intend to do from now on, because that will show your real intention. Make a list of how you will work to change the spiritual situation you are living, remember that people come before things and their communion with God comes before their responsibilities, and do not live by emotion! Strive for your goals and sacrifice your own will to please God.

If you see that you are being inclined to the things of the world, to the pleasures of your flesh and have been lazy with your spiritual life, ask God for forgiveness, humble yourself before God, acknowledge your sin and faults, and seek forgiveness. Especially from those you have hurt with your bad behavior and ask forgiveness, many people do not receive God's forgiveness for not confessing their sins and reconcile with the people who have offended them.

Fabiane Cunha

Monday, February 3, 2014

Day 1 Unhappy: Train your mind all the time to refuse, to hate all it's wills, desires, and sins!

Today begins the battle of those who decided to enter this purpose so that their flesh go hungry , people who are tired of having an appearance of God's people but they know inside is empty and dominated by their wills ; ! So we will work together to awaken their faith , to make your life with God be rebuilt. This month is the month of Unhappy ! Should we begin ? Ready! There will be nothing nice to their wills .

Pay close attention to what I'm going to say now , not let anything take your attention! Feed your faith with every word written here , read slowly and hunger for change ...

Let's start ... when we left the room of Faith and entered the atmosphere of doubt , doubt paralyzed our faith and therefore the temptations came and boom! SIN!

Sin is like a plague ( cancer ) , it doesn't stop acting until it consume its victims to the point that it becomes a normal part of their lives , and how does he manage to get into the lives of people who seek God , serve God? It enters through disobedience !

Spiritual cancer that has killed many people spiritually and what is worse, killed in silence. I'm not talking about people who are in the world, who know the truth and live in sin ... but I'm talking about people who know the truth , and wish to live in sin . But why are many people coming to this point? Because they have been convinced by the world , thinking things , moments , wills now have more value than his eternal life , they are living dead people in them , what God had prepared for them at the right time was destroyed with anxiety that the world makes them have , the time is NOW , if God did not do things as they want them and do you know how they fixed it ? By disobeying !

This has happened because people have fallen into the comfort of asking God for forgiveness and attending church , but deep down they aren't sorry , in fact , some time passes and there they are again committing the same sin and are living in this routine , which is plastered their faith and their wills speak louder , and the results? Weak , anxious, full of doubt, insecure people , no glare, no willingness to fight, sad , afraid of death, they pay attention to what people talk about them , suspicious, who despair with anything , in short, people who call themselves Christians but have a life of unbelievers.

Today you begin your change , it will not be easy , taking away a spiritual cancer is the same as going to a surgery room and undergoing a risky surgery, where you have to put 100 % your life in the hands of the doctor, trust that you'll be getting out alive and cured. Enter a place where you will be with God ( bathroom, room etc. . ) Vomit everything you feel (He's your doctor) , all that has fueled this spiritual cancer within you , from it's wills , desires and sins , do it even though you do not feel like doing it ! And have in your thoughts hatter towards sin! Train your mind all the time to refuse , to hate all it's wills , desires , and sins !

Go through that surgery TODAY! And tomorrow as we continue in that spirit.
God is holy , He can not enter a room where the owner idolizes , desires and wants sin. Would you go into an environment where the owner provides such food as the one in the picture below ?

Imagine God! He will not come into your life this way! So get to work!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Purpose Indignant

One of the things I've been angry with is that today people easily give up on their ideals, their challenges, their healing, their transformation of life, giving up on a lasting marriage, a dream, give up easily to believe, to trust God, to have an experience with him, and more to be saved.

Now a days people have given up so quick and on easy things, their future. They've simply settled for a "your life will be like this forever, that material and spiritual achievements are far, far away. So far away that they won't be able to conquer it." Why do people in church think like this? Why are people satisfied with the way they live? Why have many people given up on having a happy marriage and have done things their own way and now are unhappy? Why have many tried to have an encounter with God, be born from God desisted on the way, and now think that God didn't choose them?

What's happening to the Christian People and Christian Teenagers from now? Living out of appearance, speaking of a God they don't even know, they're always at church with many responsibilities, wishing they were in fashion just like the worldly people, wanting to show all the time which is of God, but their interior is empty, their conversations are to talk bad about others, their thoughts are the desire of their heart, their eyes are bad, and their life and or testimony haven't shown anything from God.

Do you know why many people are comfortable with living like this?

Because their Faith is hungry! For the ones who BELIEVE they're low and weak! The ones who were sent to their lives are just volunteers.

If you're one of these people that have lived like this, but deep down you can't take it anymore; want help, want to change? Look what God has for you:

"Don’t change yourselves to be like the people of this world, but let God change you inside with a new way of thinking."

Let's start with the first purpose on February the first, it will be for those people who recognize that they need to do something to change their situation. And that something is to start and not be comfortable with this world, be against the world and reach for Gods perfection. Whoever is willing to be transformed for a new birth (New Beginning), but for this to happen you need to wish for God, wish with all your life and strength!

This purpose will be for those people who don't want THEMSELVES to be directed by their thoughts and do want to have GOD in control of their lives, but it's necessary to sacrifice their flesh; are you willing? Could it be that you're really tired of being that person that you've been, comfortable with the world and when everything is over where's your soul at? Where would it go? Are you tired of being what you are? Then, if you decide to do this with all your strength, to begin leave your whole name to start this purpose, and send an email to: answering the following:

• What has stopped feeding your Faith?
• What has fueled your flesh?

Come back here on January 24 for more information on the purpose.

Translated by Leslie Padilla UCKG Madera, CA

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

What type of behavior should I have When I start to like someone?

Some people confuse infatuation with prayer released. When you are praying for someone or someone is praying for you. It is because you want God to show you if He or She is a faithful person and that is according to the characteristics you are, right? Below is a little list to help:

• First, if you both like each other, it is necessary to seek the Pastor of the Church and explain that there are interests between you two;
• Follow the guidance of the Pastor;
• Observe their behavior, how their spirit, their character, their goals, is and how is their life at day
• What was their life transformation?
• Do not talk on the phone at midnight;
• No sneaking out;
• Do not kiss without the permission of the relationship;
• Be discreet and act by reason;
• Do not make hasty attitudes;
• Do not be led by emotions, after all you are praying to know if they are they right person or not , right?
• It is not normal to be talking about sex or intimacy when you're falling in love, imagine when you are praying (FORGET IT);
• It is not normal to be praying with someone and that person is looking for someone else;
• Observation, is very important : There is no saying that there is no need to pray, or that you are just going by faith; it is a big risk that you are taking and in the end it can lead to disappoint .

Do not let anxiety blind up your eyes, because that happens too many. Saying thus: Ah! Now I am praying with someone, that person appeared , I cannot miss the opportunity and eventually you forget who is in control of your life and you then do not seek God to see if this person is for you or not .

When there is confirmation from God, right away comes the authorization for the relationship, without forcing the bar, all goes well at the right time. The person who follows the teachings of Scripture, they fear for their salvation, because a bad choice will be marked for the rest of your life.

"To obey is better than sacrifice” (1 Samuel 15:22)

Aline Almeida - Texas

Translated by Lisset A. Vargas - UCKG Madera, CA

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Day 4 + Of God and nothing of comfort! What has been lacking in your routine?

Do you know that our mind also affects our body? And that our spiritual condition has effects in our health condition and vice versa?

Let’s understand: “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.” Proverbs 17.22

Our spiritual attitudes and behavior and physically shows what have passed through our minds!

For many people the Word of God is just a book like the others, that’s why is so normal leaving the Word of God to read at the end of the day and sometimes it doesn’t happen, or they read fast. Oh, there are too many duties! The anxiety and lack of organization takes part of your life and what were first ends up being last and you don’t have the strength to meditate in the Word of God. However, to download this conscience, you quickly look at the Bible or takes out a promise, reads tons of blogs posts without meditating and it’s done, you post this on your social networks for everybody to see that you read the Bible, then you supposing are taking care of your spiritual life, and your day? You have finish. Well, you’re finished for God, right? Oh but your desires can hold a little longer! Even dying of tiring and late at night, you are on the internet and catching with what’s late and your spirit? Every time you are oppressed by what you feed (unnecessary info, pure trash!)

It doesn’t work! Your spiritual and physical life is only going to be healthy if you put the Word of God first to stand up! A lot of people wants more of God, have a success in their love life, spiritual etc…, but they put God to the last! How come they can keep saying that they have done everything and God hasn’t done anything and He hasn’t? Let’s be realistic!

 Your life with God has their ups and downs because you haven’t put God in the first place or you put God last and at the end, when you have “your time with God” you give it to the internet, you think: “Ah, I worked hard today, I need a distraction!” Your desires are so spoiled and addicted to unworthily things!

Until when you are going to be distracted and having your spiritual life falling?

Today, you are going to make a vow with God, to everyday wake up and the first thing you are going to do is to talk to God and read His Word and meditate before doing anything else! If you have difficulties to wake up earlier, remember your partner in this purpose to wake up each other with an alarm. You are going to quit the 5-minutes of sleep in the morning to hear what God has to say! Post what God talked to you in the first day and then share it every day with your partner what you read during this purpose.

If you want the best of God and you can’t have the minimum to meditate in His Word above all, then you need to want it! Is necessary to face that comfort the devil has put!

You are way smarter than your desires, then my friend show it that you are capable, you are the one dominating and come here the 17th….. We are not giving that opportunity to the devil!

"A servant that has the same characteristics as God does not only do His work, but overall, His will."