Friday, January 20, 2012

My love life - Where Everything Began (Part 3)

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We prepared everything for the meeting at our church. I still wasn't sure if I would be in that meeting because, I worked on Saturdays. I didn't make any arrangements to assist in the meeting. 

The long awaited Saturday came.. and to my joy I found out last minute that my boss would be going to the meeting with the 12 pastors and, I would be able to go and assist. I arrived at church an hour before and it had many people. I went to change in the assistants room, I had never seen so many assistants getting ready for the service. The thing was that it was different, some were getting ready because they would see the SINGLE pastors, that was the least of it though... I was already used to it.

I waited in line for around 15 minutes, I had to change into my uniform. An assistant knocked on the door asking for help to take some things to the sanctuary... nobody moved, no one wanted to go because they were getting ready, I looked behind me and there were 7 other assistants... not including the ones that were in front of me... if I were to leave in that moment, I would have to go to the end of the line. I put my uniform in my locker and went to help the assistant. To my surprise, guess who I find? The auxiliary (my husband) who I had placed in the hands of God. I literally froze, I didn't know he'd be at my church. 

I was very worried, I wouldn't be able to assist in the service... the assistants would know I liked him, I didn't know how to hide it. I finished helping the assistant, and returned to the assistants room (I had to do something), I went back into the restroom line thinking, "My God, I came so joyful to help but, I didn't expect this, I know myself, I won't be able to give my best in this meeting, I'll be worried... what do I do now?!"

Once again the assistant knocked on the door, asking the assistants for help in the kids zone, there was no one to take care of them. Many didn't want to go, others finished getting ready quickly and went straight into the sanctuary, what about me?? Again I left the line and decided to be in the kids zone, at least there no one would see me and I'd be serving God.

I went to the kids zone and it was full of kids, I had to take them to their class rooms, three teachers and I. It was a blessing!

Just then a few colleagues (assistants) showed up a few minutes before the meeting. They said that the pastor was presenting 2 auxiliaries to some assistants (one of them was the one I liked). Another came saying that they presented to her an auxiliary and he had given her hope to pray together... I don't know where this courage came from but I asked who it was she'd be praying with, she smiled and said the one with the yellow shirt.

The auxiliary I liked was wearing the yellow shirt. My initial thought was, "You see? Those feelings were not from God... they only wanted to deceive you... forget about it!!!" I had already placed this in the hands of God but, it was good... because if I would've fed that feeling I would be crying on the ground, or even going into the sanctuary to see if he would come up to me.

You know what I did? I left it alone. I helped in the Kids Zone with all my heart, I remember we had 100 kids... we left tired but happy. I knew God was taking care of me. I didn't want to be dating one then another one, I wanted the right one... I wanted to date in order to get married, I wanted it to be a relationship that would be good for me and have the same objectives to, "Serve God on the Altar."

If you're a person who has everything to make another happy then, you have what it takes to be happy in your love life! Trust in God, He will always have the right person for you!

Note: There's another side to the story that I didn't know, later I found out lol... it was all a lie. The auxiliary (my husband) had given the assistant no hope... I didn't know about this so I continued with my life and after 1 month the answer came.

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"A servant that has the same characteristics as God does not only do His work, but overall, His will."