Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The right thing to do...

This message is for all those young women who have doubts regarding their love life and specially for all the assistants who are dating or interested in a single pastor.

You need to take into consideration a few basic rules in order to avoid making the wrong choice.

What do you as an assistant, have to observe in a pastor before starting a relationship with him?

1. If he is a servant.
2. The amount of time he's been in the Work of God.
3. If his ministry was approved.
4. His personality.
5. His flaws.
6. His age.
7. Only accept to date him with approval from the pastor in charge.
8. Participate in the Therapy of Love meetings as soon as your relationship has been approved.

These are a set of factors that will reduce the chances of an unsuccessful relationship, as well as wasting time with a person that still needs approval. I'm from the time in which you would only pray and just wait on God. The assistant would pray, speak with him only in public (never alone), they never went out together, and they would specially not call each other. 

Today things have changed and because of this, the risks are higher. Young women rely only on what's in front of them, they become blind and don't realize that not everything that glitters is gold!!!

Many times a young lady who was disappointed from a previous relationship starts believing that she has found the man in her life... Perfect! But, we have noticed that things are more complicated, they forget that before being a man of God, their suitor is a man. This means that he has flaws and shortcomings, the perfect man doesn't exist, but rather the perfect match for each one of us. Perhaps this image of perfection and holiness has caused many young women to not realize that they need to watch in order not to make the wrong decision. Being of God doesn't mean being perfect, but rather a condition, this condition guarantees a path with fewer rocks, but never without them...

It's hard to accept that we make mistakes in our choices, but being of God is to take courage and confront our mistakes and learn from them. 

"The blessing of the LORD makes one rich, And He adds no sorrow with it." (Proverbs 10:22)

Mrs. Carla Leite - Mozambique, Africa

"A servant that has the same characteristics as God does not only do His work, but overall, His will."