Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Love Life - Where Everything Began (Final)

I went home still thinking this wasn't true. I really wanted Wednesday to come already so I could finally speak with my pastor. On Wednesday morning, I went to church and attended the meeting but didn't have the courage to speak to pastor. I would walk around him but couldn't speak, I had the impression that I was in sin and, also I'd only be able to go to work after speaking with someone about what had happened. 

God prepared for me a special person, the pastor's wife. I had never spoken to her about me, but I felt the need to speak to her first. I asked her if she had a minute to spare and with a smile on her face, so beautiful in the inside, she told me of course. We went inside a church room and I took a deep breath... I told her I had a very serious issue to speak to her about, and if I was doing wrong, I was willing to change (she must've thought I was sinning), ever since I've been in the work of God I've been this way, if something was going to harm me, I prefer to obey authority, no matter what it is, what I have to sacrifice, I only want God's guidance and not my own. 

I said almost crying... "I like a pastor, and he came up to me yesterday and asked to pray together, what should I do Mrs??" She smiled and told me, "You are blessed child, no need to worry, I'll go speak to my husband — wait here." Oh no, the pastor was going to know but, I was ready and waiting lol. He came in smiling and said, "You can pray my daughter, I'm going to speak to him." Wow... my blessing was complete, the only thing I needed now was to know his name... I asked the pastor's wife and she told me, "Valdo."

That same week we had a vigil with the assistants and my pastor spoke with him. When the meeting ended he came towards me and I ran to the restroom, what audacity!!! I didn't want anyone to know yet. When I came out, he was there waiting for me, I was objective, "I can't speak now, only on Tuesday when I come."

I wrote a letter to him with words of faith and my phone number and took it to the meeting of the 70. I gave it to him and asked if we could be discreet about this, for nothing was certain as of yet (we were there to help people and not see each other). He gave me his phone number and from that day on, I began to know him. We only spoke through the phone, in meetings only from far away. This is when I asked him about the day he came to my church and what happened with that assistant. I laughed because they were indeed introduced only that, he was already interested in me, when the pastor spoke to him about meeting an assistant he thought it was me so he went. He was speechless and then asked her her age, she was almost 2 years older than him, that's when he said he wasn't meant for her, that God would bless her with a man of God.

A month went by and my relationship was approved by the regional pastor, the pastor at my church announced in the morning meeting that in the evening meeting at 6 he would be blessing a couple (the auxiliary that had been an assistant with me) as well as a new relationship. I heard comments with the assistants and members and they had no clue it was me... I stayed quiet and only my best friend Luiciana knew about this as well as the assistant who would go with me to the meeting of the 70.

When the pastor asked for me to go up on the alter, to bless this relationship, many people were shocked. Who knew the chubby girl, wearing cat eye looking glasses, blessed.

The secret was in my trust and the intentions of my heart, I valued myself, I am of God and couldn't be dating one and another. 

Don't let time and anxiety, fear and despair hold back the work of God in your life. You don't need to give God a helping hand. Let him work!!!

Do you think this is over? LOL... no. I also faced struggles in my relationship. Do you want to know them? Just wait!!!

"A servant that has the same characteristics as God does not only do His work, but overall, His will."