Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Love Life - Where Everything Began (Part 4)

(Read Part 3 here)

I kept on going to the meeting of the 70 apostles and would see the auxiliary I liked in the meetings. The feeling was still there, how could I face him? I would not let him interfere with my plans with God nor with the church. I was not feeding these feelings by, listening to romantic music and thinking about him (aw, I lost him, boohoo), or daydreaming in a fairy tale, noooo... I had no time for that, my mind was in my work, my family, the work of God, souls. It's funny that during this time two assistants came up to me asking to pray with me (I now realize I was very rude but, oh well, lol) The first one asked me and I responded by saying, "Do you work?" He said he was looking for a job... 

"Okay, after you get a job you can look for me and we'll talk..."Lol... 

I asked the other one, "How old are you"? He answered15. "Okay, after you grow up, then you can look for me, I already take care of a little brother, now if you really like me, start decorating the book of Psalms" I responded. 

I could be chubby, use cat looking glasses but, I knew my value, lol, I was of God. 

When you start liking someone... don't become fooled by feelings, our time is not the same time as God.

Another detail: When I began liking this auxiliary, I didn't tell anyone, I stayed 3 months with these feelings, not knowing what church he was from, what his name was, I didn't know anything about him nor did I want to know (I didn't want to feed these feelings). After that special meeting I had in church, a month passed and everything remained normal, just as it had always been.

On Tuesday I went to the meeting of the 70 and at the churches door was the auxiliary I liked looking my way. After the meeting was over, he stayed close to me, I would go one way and so would he (I found this odd), but I didn't worry about it. The meeting finished, I counseled people, he had already gone up...good.

I counseled one last person and asked the assistant, that I considered a father, if he could wait for me because I didn't want to go home alone. I went to get my purse in the assistants room. I remember that I was heading towards the exit and I hear a person running toward me in the hall. It was an auxiliary that had been an assistant with me, he called, "Graciele, wait!!" My God, what does he want with me? It's been a long time since I've spoken with him. I stopped in the middle of the hallway. It's funny how he awkwardly asked, "Do you like someone??"

"Hahaha... What kind of question is that?" I responded. I didn't beat around the bush... "I may like someone, why?"

"Because there's an auxiliary who likes you, he's the one waiting there by the door." I looked back and it was him, I couldn't believe it!!!

I answered, "It is him." The auxiliary made a sign for him - "She likes you".

He came towards my direction, I froze... I remember in that moment the prayer I had made, he had to come to me. He came and introduced himself, he called me by my name, I didn't even know his name. He asked if I had faith to pray with him and I said I yes.... he asked for my number and I said no. Calm down girls, lol,  it's because I wasn't able to give it to him in that moment, I had to go catch the bus and I also told him that. It was all very new for me, I needed to speak with my pastor... Remember, there was once that I was put down from being an assistant because I didn't let the pastor know that I wouldn't be going on a Wednesday lol... since that day, I let him know everything first lol... even to this day. I started leaving and at the same time asked him his name... but I didn't hear it (what a shame), and I left anyway. The assistant that I would always go home with saw everything, I asked him if he could please not tell anyone about this. I was so happy... because it was all the way I asked God, I didn't force anything, everything happened at the right time...

To be continued...

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