Monday, July 28, 2014

I want to be a spiritual mother - Part 4

We have delayed this subject since it's something many don't know about the true role we have, the true responsibility that we have with God... once you practice it, other than multiplying the amount of people of God, strong and faithful, saved... you also receive the best that comes from God.

This past Sunday I was able to feel a bit of God's pain, the pain we don't even realize existed - the pain of seeing a servant that could be used to save others, but because of their personal interests, ends up being used to send souls to hell, all because of a responsibility before man... Honestly, after knowing about this, it doesn't matter what you see or hear, remember: your soul is most important than all your abilities! Man makes mistakes, God doesn't, place your life in God's hands, these are true hands, hands of the Father... even if some make come trying to judge you based on what you did because of immaturity, remember: Jesus forgave you! If He forgave you who am I or the others to point a finger towards you?

After that, I thought about this all day, I cried, I felt a little of God's pain, because imagine how many people in the world are struggling to start all over? And how many spiritual mothers instead of helping in this moment, have set aside the souls who repented and want to have a fresh start? How many souls in the church are an "ex" this or an "ex"that, who stumbled, fell and is now fighting, not only against hell but also against the judgements and negative words of spiritual mothers (servants), who have not done their role, their please is in feeling better, feeling holier than others and for what? It's really sad what's happening nowadays.

Conceiving a child physically is already hard, imagine conceiving a spiritual one?

A spiritual mothers is capable of donating her life, taking drastic decisions with her own will in order to save her children.

Your existence is an act of love. Conceive, take care of, nourish. Love, love, love... and love with an unconditional love that expects nothing in return! Infinite affection!

Ahhh, these jewels are rare, and are lacking in the days of today... Let us seek to become this spiritual mother... How? Only when we stop worrying about what we want and listen to the voice of God... once this happens, your eyes will open, your attitude will change.

Being a spiritual mother is letting your self be touch by the hands of God!

"A servant that has the same characteristics as God does not only do His work, but overall, His will."