Monday, February 3, 2014

Day 1 Unhappy: Train your mind all the time to refuse, to hate all it's wills, desires, and sins!

Today begins the battle of those who decided to enter this purpose so that their flesh go hungry , people who are tired of having an appearance of God's people but they know inside is empty and dominated by their wills ; ! So we will work together to awaken their faith , to make your life with God be rebuilt. This month is the month of Unhappy ! Should we begin ? Ready! There will be nothing nice to their wills .

Pay close attention to what I'm going to say now , not let anything take your attention! Feed your faith with every word written here , read slowly and hunger for change ...

Let's start ... when we left the room of Faith and entered the atmosphere of doubt , doubt paralyzed our faith and therefore the temptations came and boom! SIN!

Sin is like a plague ( cancer ) , it doesn't stop acting until it consume its victims to the point that it becomes a normal part of their lives , and how does he manage to get into the lives of people who seek God , serve God? It enters through disobedience !

Spiritual cancer that has killed many people spiritually and what is worse, killed in silence. I'm not talking about people who are in the world, who know the truth and live in sin ... but I'm talking about people who know the truth , and wish to live in sin . But why are many people coming to this point? Because they have been convinced by the world , thinking things , moments , wills now have more value than his eternal life , they are living dead people in them , what God had prepared for them at the right time was destroyed with anxiety that the world makes them have , the time is NOW , if God did not do things as they want them and do you know how they fixed it ? By disobeying !

This has happened because people have fallen into the comfort of asking God for forgiveness and attending church , but deep down they aren't sorry , in fact , some time passes and there they are again committing the same sin and are living in this routine , which is plastered their faith and their wills speak louder , and the results? Weak , anxious, full of doubt, insecure people , no glare, no willingness to fight, sad , afraid of death, they pay attention to what people talk about them , suspicious, who despair with anything , in short, people who call themselves Christians but have a life of unbelievers.

Today you begin your change , it will not be easy , taking away a spiritual cancer is the same as going to a surgery room and undergoing a risky surgery, where you have to put 100 % your life in the hands of the doctor, trust that you'll be getting out alive and cured. Enter a place where you will be with God ( bathroom, room etc. . ) Vomit everything you feel (He's your doctor) , all that has fueled this spiritual cancer within you , from it's wills , desires and sins , do it even though you do not feel like doing it ! And have in your thoughts hatter towards sin! Train your mind all the time to refuse , to hate all it's wills , desires , and sins !

Go through that surgery TODAY! And tomorrow as we continue in that spirit.
God is holy , He can not enter a room where the owner idolizes , desires and wants sin. Would you go into an environment where the owner provides such food as the one in the picture below ?

Imagine God! He will not come into your life this way! So get to work!

"A servant that has the same characteristics as God does not only do His work, but overall, His will."