Friday, May 23, 2014

Day 20 to 23 Unhappy: Nobody!

This month we're in the purpose of being unhappy (dissatisfied), where we've been working strongly in our spiritual life. The coming of Jesus is much sooner than what we imagine, and this purpose has been awaking us while there's still time left. People or disconnecting from the world and entering the ark, they're being prepared to meet the Lord Jesus... but once being saved, the natural desire to save comes, that's why we spoke about the salt of the earth so, lets continue, shall we? We spoke about being the salt of the earth... today we'll explore more about that.

Have you ate food without salt? Yeah, it's pretty bad!

Food without salt has no point! Salt makes all the difference... But, when you mix salt in the food, it disappears! No one can see the salt! No one ever compliments salt in the food... no one says "the salt was great!" on a dish. No one ever says, someones salt on a dish is better than anothers. Do you know why? Because it vanishes!

If someone goes against the current, they are also salt. They give flavor but disappear, and the One who appears is God in it. There's a lot of people wanting to be seen but not letting God be seen. They want to be known, labeled as "spiritual" and that's the result of their life with God, their will has prevailed and when they speak about Jesus it sounds automatic, the say and do exactly what other people of God do, God has no more room to speak to them.

God is seeking those who want to be salt of the earth! Those who want to be a nobody! He seeks people that want to disappear, so that He can appear!

From today until the 27th you will save, you will learn to be the salt of the earth, are you ready?

You will serve Him in secret... How? You'll evangelize, speak about salvation, pray for others, you will be attentive during the day to see how you can help someone even if its something simple. You'll do more but won't let the whole world know what you did, it'll be just between you and God.

You will also search about all the signs of the end of times, mainly in the UCKG blogs and you'll post it in your social networks, alerting others about the return of Jesus, many good things will  happen with you and you will see the difference the more you do for God than what you do for man.

"A servant that has the same characteristics as God does not only do His work, but overall, His will."