Monday, February 10, 2014

Day 3 Unhappy: Unimaginable thoughts

We have helped many people through emails and personally with the same questions: Bad thoughts . Today let's clear that up , it might be a little long but pay close attention because it is one of the things that has made many people (and people of God) to put their soul at risk or has even led them to lose their salvation .

Let us understand , what if someone throws a stone, can the reach you? But a bad thought , bad word, a misconduct only reaches if you let it , this permission does not have to be consciously , that there is sufficient affinity between their thought patterns and thinking that is directed toward you.

We are all likely to have unimaginable thoughts! Evil thoughts we never thought of having , or our worst nightmares , and even I had horrible thought that made me ashamed to say them , even being born of God, there is no way to outrun them but there is a way to reject and not accept them.

Why do many people , members, Assistants  ( I ) and even servants who are on the altar filled with the Holy Spirit get from nothing to losing everything including salvation? Why many have not believed in themselves living in high and low ? Why the faith of many has been sickened ? Have you noticed that many today are living with depression , living in a big anxiety , reaching the point where your heart races and suddenly seems like it's going to stop? People are anxious and empty because they fail to be the best , outstanding , which grow and so on. , Etc ... is not it?

All this begins with evil thoughts, and many of you were doing something right ! Advancing in God's time , but suddenly the devil threw a thought like: You are getting old , there are men missing in the world , is it that you can't be happy with another woman? Look around it's normal ... Ahh , there is no problem to chat on Facebook with unbelievers about sex, on the other hand , it's just a conversation and nothing else ... You have no testimony , you were born at church and do not know the taste of a cigarette! You should try it , leave from church for a week and do whatever you feel like doing and then return to church ... Hey girl masturbate ! At least you 're not prostituting with anyone ... Look! The man of God is watching you , likes you, he is suffering with his wife , you are so young, so full of God that you could help , you two would make a good couple.

Thoughts of that kind so low that the devil has thrown and where many have fallen into your net . Do you know why ? Because many are in the world ! Surrounded by things of the world ... I remember : the world is the evil one! When the devil throws a bad thought , the person who is in the world automatically binds with things and situations around her, though she says it's tied ! But the seed is there, in the heart , being watered by the suggestions of the media, of the unbelieving friends and the environment in which she lives , then she begins to see a possibility in the absurdity that the devil offers , against her nature it can be real again, because the answer of God is taking too long and not a lot of time passes for her to give birth to this evil thought .

If this has happened it's because your mind is still dwelling with the devil, and he is making the party! Because you are more comfortable to be guided by the pleasure of his will , believing the devil's lie rather than the truth of God ... WAKE UP FRIEND ! His change starts in your mind! I fought those bad thoughts , fighting those bad thoughts every second ! It makes no sense to confess having bad thoughts , you have to hate them, fight and go up against them ... How much time have you wasted confessing them ? Imagine if you had used that time to fight them , start now! Stop complaining ! The kingdom of heaven is taken by violence and not feeling sorry for it !

Another thing is the atmosphere that you're in and with whom you speak, what kind of conversations you have . . . If I'm in a group or talking to someone about food ( it is one of my favorite conversations) , but I'm not hungry , talking about various types of food, sweets , chocolates, and so on , I'll start thinking and soon I'll be verrrrry hungry, then go straight to the kitchen or a place to buy something, I'll do something to kill the hunger, I gave birth to what was on my mind , and the same thing happens with any theme, if you starts talking about sex, dating, attending strong scenes ... and there it goes ... whatever it is the thoughts come soon , you start to imagine things, even Spirit-filled but if you accept it , Bum ! You give birth! You search the Internet , so secretly , because you accepted the thought, you left the Holy Spirit aside and when you realize , you fell and lost the most precious thing : your communion with God.

Today you will do a prayer of rebellion! You will expel the devil from your mind and ask God to show you the rooms , people, etc. . that carry your thoughts to hell who often give birth and stay in your mind cluttering your life with God, from now on every second you'll anger against any rotten thought that come to mind , not to stay more with whining or feeling sorry for yourself, it's time to show that you were chosen by God beginning with your mind!

Stop believing the lies of the devil ! Better start believing in what God has to offer!

"A servant that has the same characteristics as God does not only do His work, but overall, His will."