Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Day 5 Unhappy: Hell is much worse than you and I can imagine

Yesterday we talked about awakening our fear for Salvation , when we fear within us, we're keeping the holiness, we're kept apart for God, but we know that today it's very difficult for people to live apart for God , they want God , but also want to enjoy the world , want to be saved but want to live like unbelievers , want an example ?

It's a shame but it's reality! People who claim to be of God have acted as unbelievers and know where ? In social networks ! Many have recognized that their spiritual life is not the same for all these networks , now I wonder is it a sin to have social networks? Of course not ! I have one ! But I'm not obsessed with them , and I don't live according to what people are posting where I have to look every five minutes in the lives of others , where I live updating what I feel , what I do and where I am , knows what it is? VICE EVIL ! So you do not have time for God! And many have fallen into it .

It's no good if you do not have the courage to sacrifice the vices of the flesh , if you dare to take a single personality , a commitment to God , to live in holiness ... How can God give you His Spirit ? Could he give you a man of God to love you ? Could he choose you for the altar? Honestly no! a person who lives according to their own will is not a trustworthy person . God wants people defined by their decisions , God is not watching their faults, He wants to see if you are set to ship to Him ! Friend you need to realize ! You have not yet reaped God's best because there was not a full surrender towards Him. You have let yourself be carried away by the vices , you have been a lover to this world , and until when?

Hell is much worse than you and I can imagine. See the signs in the present day... to the point of having the courage to live a split personality now and forever be a slave of the devil ? have you ever imagined the devil cutting off your head several times , feeling the pain and not die ? Feel your body burning and being tortured to the point that you launch to death and still not die? And this goes for the rest of your life, forever , that's just a little of what hell offers people who are playing with God , who know the truth about Jesus and still live in lie !

Today, take a moment to make it easy, have fear ! After talking with God and being defined once and for all ! Vomit before God all your vices , lusts and separate yourself from that which has weakened your faith. If you really are tired of being who you are and know that the Lord Jesus returns soon . You would probably then have the courage to leave your lover : the world wake up for your Salvation!

"A servant that has the same characteristics as God does not only do His work, but overall, His will."