Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Day 7 and 8 Unhappy: Do you have cockroach blood?

If you found out you swallowed a huge cockroach that had many diseases and it was still inside a part of your body, feeding itself off of you and spreading diseases, would you wait until you 'felt' like getting it out??? Forgive me for being so direct, but this has been happening to many.

Demons and negative attitudes are prospering like parasites in hearts and minds and what's being done to prevent this is so little. The fight to exterminate them is simple tiresome and some prefer to not believe that they are yet not free. Some others would just want someone to use a magical wand and make everything disappear.

This devilish cockroach has been taking advantage of the life of many because their flesh and comfort have become their God. For some reason many have left this god destroy their life and expand the disease, it's much more comfortable than accepting they have problems... How can this be?

The time is now, it's time to fight, time to prepare, time to put your house (heart) in order, use this time to eliminate off the list all the things you know you have to do, deny and sacrifice, it's time to be saved and save... The time today isn't for you to rest! How many demons are probably attacking your life or the life of those around you that have to be dealt with urgently, but you feel very uncomfortable to fight, liking your doubts, in the end, you probably think you have to FEEL like fighting demons, right? Don't be fooled!

Choose to fight, choose to put the devil under your feet that's not just the pastor's job, it's yours! Don't wait for anyone to give you an easy way towards your salvation. It's your fight for your life and somethings will have to be removed, sacrificed today for a better tomorrow.

Today or tomorrow you will make a fast for 7 hours so that God can come and remove this lazy spirit, that spirit that makes you think everything is normal in your life. During this fast be in spirit of revolt and in prayer against comfort, tiredness, things that don't please God and revolt against them, don't let your blood become cockroach blood!

Don't be satisfied with your current spiritual state, never think you're okay... Remember, The little things that you don't do for God become an invitation for big things that they devil will do against you. 

"A servant that has the same characteristics as God does not only do His work, but overall, His will."