Friday, June 6, 2014

Souls or things?

Have you noticed that the days feel shorter? The streets have more cars? Everyone is always in a hurry, but still, it's as if time is lacking. Lunch is fast and thoughts are filled with guilt. What about our health? When we stop and look at this world's disorder and perceive that technology is primarily what makes us to be in more of a hurry.

What about rest? Privacy? We're linked to a way that easily leads to stress. It's complicated to get out of it, right?

That's what I came across when I went to Brazil last week... It had been 8 years since I've been out of the country and, there were several people stressed out in the streets, shops, places and even in church. My husband and I have the habit of greeting and complimenting everyone we see and, you know what happened in Brazil? People looked at us with an expression as though saying: These people are from another planet!

Why all this? Where is the stress coming from? You know what I realized? People are more and more dis-motivated and unsatisfied with their jobs and studies! The long hours at work or staying at a job for a long time has been affecting their style and quality of life. I was sitting down on a bench and heard an employee anxiously complaining to a customer in a loud voice that she couldn't take the job anymore and had been sick for a lot of worrying and outside I saw two more instances of employees complaining with customers.

The question is: Why is this also happening with those who are supposedly of God??? Why do they arrive to church stressed out, worried about dealing with their responsibilities, running, and forgetting to give attention to others? They're good assistants, servants and members, they do everything correctly, they're always present for the groups attendance and responsibilities... but they've forgotten to give attention to the souls.

We cannot allow the stress of this world to enter in our lives, if God is inside of us, we should naturally pass peace, confidence and faith, right?

I went to a few of our churches and saw when a new person came to church, no one went up to them asking if they needed something... I went to another church where the service had already started and stayed at the door for 5 minutes. There were servants at the door but no one came to speak to me... imagine if I was a person in desperation and I had come here as my last chance?

Souls are the apples of God's eyes, once they are mistreated, it's as if you were mistreating God. If we have God inside of us, it is not things nor responsibilities that will change our attitudes but instead, our attitudes will come from God: joy, peace, simplicity, love and etc. and it will change all those around you... all you need is a smile, a caring, sincere look, a sweet gesture, make them feel valued... Don't think that showing God is just fulfilling your responsibilities perfectly, more importantly it's who you are, and what you pass on to others.

Each one offers what is inside of them.. think about it! It's the reflection of your life... one follows right after the other. What has been your first priority? Souls? Things? Your answer will show you if you're on the right track.

"...for he who touches you touches the apple of His eye." (Zechariah 2:8)

"A servant that has the same characteristics as God does not only do His work, but overall, His will."