Thursday, April 5, 2012

5th Check Up - Am I a (+) or a (-)?

We're either adding or subtracting in the lives of others, there's nothing in between. Because of this, it is essential to see which of the two we are doing, adding or taking away... It's easy to say that in order to add, you need to do something, you can't just "be" an addition. To be of God, to be a good girl doesn't doesn't signify you're adding! It's necessary to "be" and "to do" (all in the same package).

There are many people with a godly character but they don't make any difference. What's the point to be of God, have the Holy Spirit, a position and do only what we're told to do? All this won't make a difference... What makes the difference is to do not only what you were told but, also what you weren't told.

When you're a plus sign, there is no time to tell others, hey, why aren't you doing this? or that? You can become so consumed into those thoughts thinking... Man, I could be doing that, I could be working on an idea I had recently, I could be learning something else... Whoever adds, doesn't waste time looking at what others do or don't do.

If we haven't been taking initiative, we have not been adding, on the contrary, we've been wasting time of those who have to keep reminding us at every moment what to do. We subtract when we could do something else but don't because of fear, embarrassment or because we know that others can do it, keep thinking about what others will say... we subtract when we keep nagging our husbands minds, when we don't try to learn something, when we depend on others (we subtract their time)

What symbol have you been? A "+" or a "-"?

If I'm a blessing, I have to add not subtract.

"A servant that has the same characteristics as God does not only do His work, but overall, His will."