Thursday, December 1, 2011

How can I prepare myself?

Many young ladies email me asking how they can start preparing themselves to become a pastor's wife. Today I was remembering some guidance I received while I was dating and about to become a pastor's wife... :-)
  • Take advantage of your last days of being a single lady to prepare yourself in every way. Sometimes many girls take longer to get married and even begin thinking it's unfair... They cannot see that this is an opportunity to prepare themselves for the Altar... So, invest in yourself now that you're currently single.
  • Understand that your life will no longer be yours. Learn to stop living for only yourself and start living for the souls. Leave behind those 'girl clicks' in church and invest in maturing every day. Not as an obligation, but so God can count on you as a woman of God. Another thing few accept is learning to be submissive. 
  • Learn to be a housewife. See yourself already as a married woman, take time to care for your place, even if it's your parents. While you're at it,  give them attention as well. Learn to cook, take care of your clothing, do house chores and how to take good care of your self.
  • Learn a new language and finish your studies. Choose a language that you would like to learn so you can save souls that way in the future. Today you can learn in school, internet, youtube, etc. Also, Study! Finish your studies. I know that there's the possibility you may get married before finishing your school, but until that happens, invest in your studies.
  • Forget about your feelings. Forget about your emotions, sentimentalism and bad habits of wanting attention for yourself. Learn to live by faith.
  • Preserve your salvation. If you are getting to know or dating a pastor, there is still a chance things won't work out between you two. Many assistants will destroy their lives by not noticing "the signs". They don't want to think about their boyfriends not being of God – they don't use their reason. Many pastor's have left the work of God so be careful! Friend, don't get carried away by a 'title'. Observe if he's really of God, if he Fears God, if he makes comments that don't make sense, speaks bad about authorities of God, is conceited, doesn't respect you, doesn't take time to get to know you, is jealous, proud, doesn't take care of souls and so on... If this happens, leave the relationship, it's not worth it! Remember your salvation is your first priority!

"A servant that has the same characteristics as God does not only do His work, but overall, His will."