Thursday, August 30, 2012

It's been 2 years since I follow your blog...

Hi Mrs. Graciele,

I couldn't wait to send you this email... I finally got the chance!

I want to share with you and everyone else the big change that happened within me since I started following your blog a little over a year ago.

Before following your blog, there were things about me (inside and out), that still needed to change. I couldn't interact with others and I always looked serious; at church, there were a lot of assistants that I didn't speak to and I wasn't responsible, with the things placed in my care; at my house, only complaints, I was very lazy and didn't clean my room.

One day I heard two assistants speaking about "The Diary of a Pastor's Wife", so, I decided to go and see it out of curiosity. I became a follower and during 2 years I began to put in practice everything I'd read, and also practice what the pastor would preach but overall what God would say to me. 

The first change I noticed in me, was the purpose of friends. I participated in both purposes that took place, one in 2011 and the other one this year.

The results of that purpose was very good, I conquered my first goal. Cynthia, was the fruit of last year and Nadia the fruit of this year. Today we're very blessed friends, we're here for one another 

The second change (even though it should've been the first) was inside of me. I began taking care of my communion with God, praying more, fasting more. When we had to decorate our Bible, I realized the importance that it was to read the word of God, ever since that day, not a day goes by without me reading the Bible.

Being good spiritually with God and not having problems with my friends immediately brought a change in my home. Today I'm a testimony of the Lord Jesus in my home. I'm no longer lazy; I wake up early to go to work, but before that I make sure I leave everything organized to avoid problems. I have fixed my room, decorating and moving furniture (something I wouldn't do), I even helped paint the living room.

At church I've also changed, I've grown in all the groups that God has placed me at and today I'm a responsible Servant. 

Taking the opportunity I want to take advantage and share my testimony from this Fast of Daniel. I began living each day at a time, making sure each day I grew. I stopped watching TV, going on Facebook, listening to the radio, etc. I decided to fill those empty slots, and implementing them in my daily life which turned into a habit. In the past months because of the cold, I had stopped sports and sadly :( gained weight, but in these 21 days I decided to take care of the temple of the Holy Spirit... I'm getting up early to walk, I drink almost 2 liters of water daily and, I have added many fruits to my diet... soon the result will come :)

In the spiritual side, I decided to dedicate more of myself (Saturday and Sunday), going to evangelize and winning souls for the Kingdom of God and, I'm also helping two new assistant teachers. In my spare time I make lessons, books and other items for the kids zone.

I thank God for changing this inside of me. Today I am a new woman of God, dedicated, responsible... I learned not to get comfortable in any situation.

I'm thankful to you Mrs, because I know God used you to help me with your experiences and purposes.

God bless you very much,

Yamila, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Dear Yamila,

I'm very happy with you testimony... but even with the comment you added, you didn't depend on my posts but instead, you added them to the word the Holy Spirit used that pastor in your church to tell you overall! You looked for answers in the Word of God! That for me friend, has no pirce! It's my salary!

It's good to hear when people use the experiences I had and will have to learn to depend on God. Thank you for sharing your testimony... It's good to know that even with mistakes, God can use us in some way for Him to be Glorified ;-)

God Bless... Graci

"A servant that has the same characteristics as God does not only do His work, but overall, His will."