Saturday, August 18, 2012

Day 5 - The Fruit of the Holy Spirit

This is a topic simpler to understand, but the hardest to achieve… it's not easy to access but many begin worrying more about the gifts of the Holy Spirit and leave aside the constant exercise of a life that reflects the Character of God.

And also, it's much easier to manifest the spiritual fruits with people from a distance, that you don't see much than with those whom you're always close to and witness your every move. For these people it's much harder, even impossible.

The fruits of the Spirit are given naturally… have you ever seen a tree struggling to give fruit? Of course not!

We know that the fruits are the result of what is planted… let's understand this better: if someone desires to get a certain kind of fruit, they must first plant the seed of that fruit to harvest it, right?

But what happens the majority of times is that many forget to plant (attitudes) or they get tired of planting. They then are surprised when the harvest they wanted doesn't come (baptism in the Holy Spirit). Many want the fruits of the Holy Spirit but many don't begin to plant with attitudes… they wait, expecting that the Holy Spirit come over them to later on bear fruits, it's not like this.

If I want to have the fruits of the Holy Spirit, I first need to be a good farmer, prepare the proper soil (prepare my life, clean my heart and begin practicing these fruits, show that I want! That I desire Him!) If something happens that my emotions make me want to be sad, I'm going to act with happiness because I want to have this fruit in difficulties, believe that God is with me… If my friend disappoints me, the normal thing for this world is to hate her… but I know I can choose to love her because I also am not perfect… any situation that you go through you can choose (sacrifice) and practice a fruit of the Holy Spirit, you begin showing what you want.

Also, sometimes the farmer plants and the rain is not enough for a good harvest… he plants, but the storm carries away the seeds. Sometimes he plants, but insects come and devour the crop. Even when that happens he doesn't stop. He's persistent because he knows that at the given time, the harvest will come (Those who want to be baptized with the Holy Spirit don't give up! They don't lose heart! They fight until the end, until they get to… Oh, what a day!)

"A servant that has the same characteristics as God does not only do His work, but overall, His will."