Thursday, October 27, 2011

Seeking until further notice - Final Part

During these 7 months seeking, I learned that we don't need a uniform to serve God, the anointing is within us, that is shown naturally with time. I remember that during these 7 months I could only participate in assistants meetings but, just the fact of participating of them was a privilege.

With every day that passes I have learned to give value to any situation that I go through. It's only through a certain situation that you manage to learn to give value towards things that seem insignificant to our eyes. At the time it happens, you don't understand but later on when it passes, it's as if you eyes open, you look at the situation in a positive way... you mature.

I came to the point of forgetting that I was just a member because I was so focused on serving God that it didn't matter to me. In one of the assistants meetings, my pastor (the one who put me down as an assistant) who I later became more familiar with... I began to admire him, because of his work, his anointing and how he cared for his church. His wife was an example to us assistants, and without expecting it, he called me. I came to him and he asked, "Why are you not an assistant? What did you do again? I cannot remember..."

Man! I did not expect this, lol! I reminded him of the whole story, and he remained in silence. My heart felt troubled because he remained silent. When he opened his mouth to speak, I heard God talking directly to me. "Graciele, you can start wearing your uniform again. I sat you down because I knew you would remain. We have many here that if I were to put them down as assistants, they would leave in that instant because they're attached to their uniform. But you my daughter, are of God. Go in faith that God is with you."

Haha... That is what God expects with me, to remain. This situation that I went through made me stronger, more confident and mature.

Maybe what you are going through is impossible to the eyes of men but, remain my friend... God is with you!!! He wants to use that situation so that He can be glorified. I know it's not easy, but keep going, don't look for what people think or say. Look at yourself, look to your goal which is The Lord Jesus, that's how you conquer any situation. It's obvious that there are situations that take months and even years but know that as long as you remain, you will turn out more stronger, confident and mature.

Remember: "The secret to obtaining the promises of God is to remain in the faith, even if it takes a lifetime."

"A servant that has the same characteristics as God does not only do His work, but overall, His will."