Friday, June 3, 2011

Me... a sinner? (Testimony of a Pastor's wife)

My name is Fabiana Faria I came to the church when I was 15 years by my mom  who had a ton of problems. In my mind, I only accompanied her as a favor, because to be sincere I didn't really like it. But with time after attending and hearing the word of God a interest within me started to grow wanting to know everything in the bible, even though I hadn't had an encounter with God yet. Why?

The more I admired and marveled at the word of God I never saw any of it directed to me for simple fact that I didn't see myself as a sinner. In my head I didn't have any sins, I used to think, "I never smoked, drank, slept around..." My misconception was that I thought those things were the only sins... so when the pastor would call up to the altar those who wanted to repent and convert I thought, "None of those concerned me!" What sin did I have in comparison to those people who lived the "wordly life"? And that's how I assumed that I was doing fine.

Until one day, I felt that something lacked way down deep in my heart, I felt an emptiness, I began asking God to show me why I had that feeling, God showed me. Better yet, he took the blind off my eyes and I began to see what a sinner I was, even more than anyone else. I needed God's forgiveness and a sincere repentance. It was then that I called, cried, and sought a real encounter with God. After that day the emptiness left because I realized how much I needed God.

"A servant that has the same characteristics as God does not only do His work, but overall, His will."