Monday, February 7, 2011

Where has your heart been?

This week I heard a Sunday meeting by Bishop Macedo and this spoke very strongly to me, opening my eyes.... The message that God revealed through His servant was really strong. I would like to share with you what God spoke to me.

The bible says that the heart is deceiving, knowing this, we need to be extra careful so that our heart doesn't deceive us. The heart appears to know and be sure of this or that, it makes you feel, have a desire for that which he 'says' is right for you, it gives you anxiety that makes you fight for the so called love of your life that your heart showed you. Then you start praying, fasting, sacrificing (even though your reason tells you this isn't the right way), but you have confidence in your heart. Hence, you use your faith, you know that faith has power to move mountains... but are you sure its God's will?

Now listen... God allows you to receive the answer in response to your faith but did you (as a servant) try and find out if it was God's will?

This not only applies in our love life but in all aspects (this is awareness for all of us!). Many have used the power of faith but they have forgotten to ask if its really the will of God... it's then that you see many people getting married and then divorcing... Many converting and losing their salvation... all because, they followed their heart and didn't ask God whether it was His will or not.

If we have decided to be God's servants so then, we need to OBEY GOD and DISOBEY our heart (flesh). If its otherwise, then, you are following your heart, you are no longer serving God but YOURSELF. Sooner or later, YOURSELF is going to win.

There are many people losing their salvation for following their heart (flesh). People out there are interested in having Jesus serve them and not in being servants for Him. They are running after the wind. Now I ask you... Where is your heart??? If your heart is at the center of God's will then your expiration date is eternal.

When we are servants of God, our focus is in the center of His will, in pleasing Him, OUR dreams are HIS dreams. If you please God... He'll give you things beyond your dreams, in double portions, He will do this in your life. When I desire the desires of God, He is pleased in giving me the desires of my heart.

He who is wise takes care of his salvation and doesn't risk it no matter what the heart tries to convince him of... He will always obey his Lord.

"Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you your heart’s desires." (Psalm 37:04)

"A servant that has the same characteristics as God does not only do His work, but overall, His will."