Thursday, December 16, 2010

Repairs aren't good enough!

One day, I picked up an object in the closet of a friend and BAM! A porcelain mug slipped and fell, breaking loudily on the floor. Besides the horrendous noise, which called the attention of my colleagues, bits and pieces fell broken on the ground. Embarrassed, I tried to take it out, close the closet door quickly and gathered each broken piece one by one. I knew I couldn't, but the instinct to "fix" is very strong in me, so I tried fixing it. I bought super glue and patiently glued the 'puzzle' formed by the many broken pieces. The first ones turned out well, making it almost intact, but eventually I found that I had small parts that were unfixable, and so then cracks began to appear. The results were not pleasing.

I was really disappointed about the mug, and then it became clear in my head, "Even if you try fixing your life, you still won't be able to restore it to the orginal condition." There will always be plenty of 'junk' left by the disasters of life. Right then the Holy Spirit spoke to me: "Only God makes all things new." I would end up having to pay for a new mug for my friend after all.

This same way the Lord Jesus paid the price for our life brought by sin on the cross. Jesus sacrificed His life on our behalf in order for us to have the "new life". My friend, there is no doubt that this freed me from any debt. The nice thing about this incident was that it made me think about how God is also gracious, forgiving us our debt.

I leave you with this question: Are you still trying to pick up the broken pieces and fix it all by yourself? It's an impossible job to be done on your own. Put your whole life in God's hands, the potter, He makes all things new.

"A servant that has the same characteristics as God does not only do His work, but overall, His will."