Monday, December 20, 2010

Always be yourself!

What blesses our life and everything we do???

Just being our self...

And before anything else confessing your true feelings in every situation. Say the truth without trying to disguise it, don't beat around the bush, and be superficious. It's not only telling the truth to others, but specially to yourself. It's recognizing what you did was good or bad. It's admitting that you want to do better than before... always. It's not caring whether or not the truth will be to your advantage or not, if it gives you something or not, and specially not themost convenient route to get what you want.

So, when you want to conquer goals and friends do it by being 'real'. Its a harder route but... in the end its much safer. Do not worry about being the person your not in some situations, in order to achieve something, because you will have it for some time, but you will not tolerate being someone your not, or even agreeing with things just to get along well with the others. Its a delay in your life and especially in your life with God.

Remember: We only find ourselves, after facing the truth. Just being real (who you are) will give you the opportunity to change. Some things need to change, but just by being who we really are, we are able to see them. When we are fake, we hide attitudes that are not good, and they harm us... it is difficult for God to help us. Only the truth creates peace to our soul. Lies and hypocrisy have two personalities: even though they don't show, they already produce punishment for not being true. You will end up losing credibility.

"A servant that has the same characteristics as God does not only do His work, but overall, His will."