Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Swallowing toad

Who have heard or said this expression? Surely all of us, but what is the meaning of the expression: Swallowing toad? Is to endure unpleasant situations without speaking or manifesting anything at all. Well, for me it has another meaning and has made a lot difference to me. I’m going to give an example before I get to the point I want to, so you can understand this importance.

Nowadays is trendy to get married and divorce, if you get married but you do not want to tolerate (Swallowing toad), you do not want to live “enduring” the imperfections of the person you wanted to get married, you only ask for the divorce.  It’s simple and fast, in the moment you resolve “THE PROBLEM” you would never have to swallow the toads of your spouse but  you would have to know that everything is going to take to lose.  Even the good things you had in your marriage would go to the trash.

This happens with everyone in our life (friends, co-workers and etc.) they have their imperfections like you and me. One thing I appreciate so much in these years serving God is to meet different people, with different cultures and different attitudes. I have swallowed toads with open legs and you know why? Because I have learned that being tolerate is one of the virtues that us, people of God have to have.  That does not mean we are weak people but that we are mature and merciful to understand the people and you know why I do it? Because I have cultivated values very special to me that exceeds the imperfections of the people, and also how many people have done that for me? It is barter.

When there is no such understanding, the imperfections are more visible than the qualities and most of the time we end up picking tragically emotional attitudes (Not wanting to swallow toads, not being tolerant, not coming down from the high, not being easy) and then we resolved the problem in the moment (we fight, we demand, we always have the right answer), we do not need to tolerate the imperfections, Done! But remember, is like a divorce, the problem ends, but the good things, the qualities also finish.

I’m not saying you have to tolerate everything! How can you see someone sinning and not doing anything? See an attitude against God’s word and tolerate? What I’m saying is that with our imperfections the day to day we have to relate with people.

I have learned to be more merciful and I have seen this is missing nowadays, it is a warning!

If we are not merciful with our relatives inside our home, imagine with the people outside.   Could it be that we have been imitators of Christ?

“We who are strong ought to bear with the failings of the weak and not to please ourselves.” (Romans 15:1)

"A servant that has the same characteristics as God does not only do His work, but overall, His will."